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Who Should Replace Alex Ferguson?

If you are a Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal fan, please stop reading and please forget about putting in suggestions - we don't need to hear from you lot. It was surprising to hear Ferguson saying that he wanted David Moyes to get his job. According to the bookmakers, they have Jose Mourinho as the favourite.

Well, what can you say about Jose, you will only love him if he's in your team, or he is with the team that helped beat your biggest rival.

David Moyes may be Ferguson's choice because of his Glaswegian roots, I don't know. Never know how close men in kilts are. Ferguson's choice could be shaped by him wanting a British to take over the reins. I do think that that is a critical factor - to ensure Manchester United being able to retain the culture and traditions befitting a great British football club, I think its vital that the manager remain a British.

As good as Arsenal became under Wenger, it lost a lot of its culture, just look at the mix of players they have. You can place Arsenal in the Bundesliga or Italian League and be none the wiser. You can be a pragmatic football club like Arsenal or Chelsea where results matter the most, or you stay a prominent football club because of traditions, because you want to maintain the roots, the legacy and the memory of how they got to where they are today.

While I recognise David Moyes' achievements with Preston and Everton, I think he lacked the "genius switch". Moyes is a grinder and a pragmatic strategist, he does not have that jenaisequa (pardon my Japanese) quality that I seek for to lead such an illustrious and special club like Manchester United.

Like it or not, Ferguson has that genius switch, so did Bill Shankley and even Mourinho - its the ability to assemble a team that clicks, its the ability to make 1+1 that equals more than 2. Its the ability to devise strategy that works brilliantly as though luck played a major part in it. Its that instinctive factor of knowing what works and how to manage over inflated egos, and maintain the strong club spirit.

My number one pick to replace Ferguson: Martin O'Neill. He has proven himself time and time again with a so-so side. I like his temper and his passion, I like his "longer than usual tenure" with clubs, his stick-with-it-ness. I think he is a brilliant football strategist and a perfect fit for Manchester United.

p/s On a separate note, I think its very sad that Lorena Ochoa of Mexico is leaving golf, and after playing professionally less than 10 years. I think she is the best female golfer... ever, and at the same time, the most under-rated female golfer ever as well. I get so pissed off the way mainstream media only focus on the American ladies, heck, even the Korea lady golfers get better coverage than Ochoa. If you look at her stats, she is the female Tiger Woods, but some things are more important to her. Best wishes Ochoa!!!


SmokingGun said…
Jose is a brilliant tactician, but I think his brand of football will not go down well with the United faithful. His polarizing presence may not augur well for the club as well. Personally, i do not want Jose at this club, as I was entertained by United's swashbuckling football over the years.. Jose's team will just bore its rivals into submission.

MON is Jose's exact opposite and one of the most intelligent managers in club football. He definitely has the IQ for the job. His brand of football will be suited for United but there are fears that he is not big name enough for the champs and his nerve at crucial/defining moments is questionable. Also, may not have the chops to deal with big egos.

Lastly, Moyes is definitely a candidate. Perennially punching above its weight, Moyes has moulded a workmanlike ethic with his Everton teams throughout the years. Love or loathe him, he is the 3rd longest serving manager in the EPL after Rednose and Whinger. He will add steel into United's game if he is appointed. Hard grafting but not very sexy style. But definitely a frightening presence in the dressing room, useful in keeping the petulant stars in check.

In the final analysis, Jose will go to: 1. Liverpool - provided they have new rich owner
2. Mancity - if (1) doesn't happen

MON will not get the job even if his style is most suited for United because he is arguably not big name enough..

Moyes is my prediction. He may not be big name, but he can manage the big egos which will be very important in this hallowed club. But I think his reign would be transitory at best.

As a qualification, I am not a MU fan although I am an admirer. I am a Tottingham Hotspurs(as lovably pronounced by Ossie Ardiles) fan but since I am neither a fan for Pooliver, l'Arse and Chelski, I am posting this.

SAF is undeniably the best manager of all time in the British game and his achievements will unlikely be eclipsed if ever, so the next manager which steps into the hotseat already has a noose around his neck, ever tightening when comparisons inevitably start..
SmokingGun said…
Off topic but interesting football business news,the latest headlines today "Portsmouth owe Spurs 1m for Begovic move that NEVER happened"

Either pure business brilliance by Spurs or just plain stupid and lazy stewardship by Portmouth.

When the club's nickname rhymes with Pompeii, i guess the writing's already on the wall..

The full report here
devillicious said…
Personally feel we should go for either Capello or Guus Hiddink.
They will keep the seat warm and ensure trophies for 3 years

Then go for Laurent Blanc, our next 'Fergie'.............
Andy said…
Personally, i would love to see Ole Gunnar Solksjaer taking over fergie, or being an assistant to laurent blanc. He has done wonders with the reserves team this season and he may bring them up to senior team action if he takes over as he knows them well enough. Everyone is always talking about his ability to analyse game situations and how to win them from the bench since his playing days.
solomon said…
If Alex still likes the leadership of an Irish, I think he will pick Martin (my Uni Senior) as his sucessor like having Roy Keanes as the ex-captain.

Well, maybe Mark Hughes will end up as the surprise as well??

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