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CNY Past & Present ... Where Did Our Love Go ...

by Mariam Mokhtar OUTSPOKEN: My family and I are Muslims, living in multi-cultural Malaysia. Some of the female family members are tudung-clad, while the actions of others would invite the scrutiny of Jais. Are the tudung-clad women better Muslims? Certainly not! Our family are not as shallow as some bigots who think that the piety of a Muslim can be gauged by the length of material covering a woman’s hair, and their aurat. Most of my school friends were Chinese, with a sprinkling of Indians, Eurasians and children of European expatriates. During school assembly, at the Convent Bukit Nanas and later The Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus, the Lord’s prayer was recited, while the crucifixes gazed down on us. Did we have a fear of being converted? Of course, not! Nor did our parents take us out of school, fearful that we would become Christians. No family members and other Malay friends, displayed the siege mentality currently gripping Malaysian Muslims. We looked forward to Chinese New Year (…

Worth Emulating

Mr. Koon Yew Yin wrote to me recently, a tongue in cheek  kind of letter, which I thought was honest and funny. Hope to encourage more people who are similarly blessed with wealth to give thoughtfully.

The purpose of writing this is to encourage people to do charity and also to satisfy my ego.
Ego can be a very powerful push factor for achieving success. But it also can be very destructive. You must bear in mind that more than half the problems including devoices in the world are due to ego. 
Although I am one of the poorest on the selected list, I give away proportionally more in comparison to my wealth. Moreover, my way of giving scholarships to help poor students to complete their tertiary education has a multiplying effect. Up till date I have given more than 300 scholarships. 
All scholarship recipients do not need to work for me nor they require to pay back the money I spent on them. But they have to promise me that when they are financ…

In The Long Term, The News Is Pretty Bad

Readers will know that I am not a long term guy as I always consider those who maintain longterm views (bulls or bears) will eventually be right. The article below pieces together the recent Mc Kinsey report on debt/QE relative to GDP growth and stock market cap growth. It is also pretty obvious that almost all things goes higher, as long as population growth, the rising middle class, urbanisation of emerging markets' population ... goes up. As long as that happens, any QE or releasing of liquidity will be viewed positively. The problem after 2008 has been that we opted for the easy way out, or rather the developed countries did. The liquidity swishing in the system way overwhelms the former factors. It is masking them really.

We think a property worth RM600,000 in 2007 is now worth RM1.8m. We cite rising land cost, material costs, labour cost, easy loans, blah blah ...its all a reflection of overwhelming liquidity prompted by low interest rates. but how can easing in the US by the…

Reality Personified

CLSA Fengshui Chart 2015

The Year of the Goat will bring slow improvement but also uncertainty for the Hong Kong stock market and economy, according to investment bank CLSA's annual Feng Shui Index.
The goat's characteristics of slow, steady and hesitant movement will replace last year's galloping horse, CLSA says in its 12th annual tongue-in-cheek report, entitled 'Capricorn Rising'. (CLICK ON CHARTS TO EXPAND)

Hong Kong will start to pull out of a long period of bad luck that coincided with the handover in 1997, riding along on the mainland's coat-tails as the country is set to enter an eighth 20-year lucky period in 2004, according to the index. That bodes well for China-related stocks, said Kenny Lau, a technology analyst at CLSA.
'China will see very good luck in the next 20 years,' Mr Lau said. 'You must buy China - China, China, China.' On the other hand, 'Hong Kong will not be totally out of the woods until 2007'.
To compile the index, the bank consulte…

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