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What Is Your "Door 2" Value?

This posting was done 3 years ago, I think I have a bunch of new readers now. Good to rethink our "Door 2".

A fellow blogger put up the following choice: open Door 1 and get RM1,000 or try Door 2 for RM5,000. The thing is Door 2 has only a 50% chance of RM5,000. Hence opening Door 2 can give one of two outcomes: zero or RM5,000. Which door would you take?Are you a risk taker or risk averse? Or do you make your decisions professionally and mathematically? If it’s the latter, chances are you are likely to choose Door 2 because 0.5 x RM5,000 = RM2,500 which is, of higher value than RM1,000.

Let’s go further on this hypothesis. Now, let’s say Door 1 will get you RM500,000 for sure while Door 2 provides a 50% chance to pocket RM10mil. This is where it gets interesting. For many, RM500,000 can pay off your mortgage or send a couple of kids to a foreign university.Hence when faced with the same situation, the theoretically correct and risk-positive choice may not be taken by most. Th…

Fancy A RM20 Bowl Of Noodles

Yes, its that expensive cause they ladle up tons of seafood and home made goodies. Its seafood noodles. The food is pretty good, the soup base itself is "sweet and refreshingly clear". The white ballish things are not your fishballs but delectable small fresh scallops. Go and pick your noodles, soup or dry version, and then your preferred accompaniments, or just campur-campur.

You should also order a side bowl of fish stomach and fish liver. The latter has the taste and consistency of uni/foie gras (though you must stand the fishy taste), they are very good.

Some rave about the chilli belacan sauce, its OK, could have done with better toasting of belacan and more calamansi, but still decent. The other side dish that a lot of customers would order is their home made fried fish cake, very springy.

Its the place with two restaurant signs, didn't bother to ask which is the correct one. Its located at Jalan SS4c/5. If you are travelling on LDP from Damansara to Federal Highway, …

Check Out Hakka Republic!

See you there!!!

Artist in May & June

Things You Might Not Know About The Man From Pusing

From KL Lifestyle:

Mixing business with social responsibility has always been the hallmark of wellknown philanthropist, educationist and Sunway Group founder and chairman, Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah, AO. This trait is based on his firm belief that the key to a meaningful life and true personal satisfaction is when an individual gives back to society what he has reaped. And in the process, leave behind a lasting contribution that will make a huge difference. So, when this soft-spoken, self-made and remarkable tycoon launched his latest and most serious philanthropic endeavour several months ago, he set a precedent that may be a hard act to match by anyone in the future. His initiative – the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, the first of its kind in Malaysia, is modelled after the Harvard Foundation which governs one of the world’s oldest and renowned universities.“I have always believed that the business of education is more than just ‘a business’ for successful and dedicated corporation…


The only reasonable retort some silly club has been throwing back at Manchester United has been 19. Well, Spinelesspool, you have to think of a better retort now. You do not know how it feels when Manchester United was winning almost everything for the past 20 years .. and all the Bilepool supporters can think of to reply was 19.

You were changing managers like you a polygamist changing wives. You tried everything, at one stage a few years back judging by the type of player you took on, I thought you were going to change your club's name to Liverpool-Herzagovinia.

We long for some real competition from our old enemies. C'mon Rectalpool, do improve and give us a bit of a fight, its pretty boring at the top.

Best 2-in-1 Coffee Packages

This is a long weekend, tons of cars going back to kampungs. Promised to buy the best 2-in-1 Kopi mix bag sachets from Ipoh for my partner and a good friend. You know, people from Ipoh probably never drink Old Town packages, even though its the most popular. It is very popular, here's why, a few of my friends working in Beijing and Shanghai, have to lug tens of packages of these 3-in-1 Old Town packages owing to incessant demand by the China friends.

That said, I was discussing the good 3-in-1 and good 2-in-one packages. I think genuine coffee drinkers would stay away from the 3-in-1 as the milk part is questionable. So, more often than not the best Kopi-O mixture seems to be made by Aik Cheong, which I usually buy as well if I cannot get my supply from Ipoh.

Now that I am at my hometown, will have to stock up a few of my favourite. Surprisingly, I have made the rounds in most supermarts in KL and still cannot locate them. The brand is called First Class Aroma. Its aromatic, thick a…

Look At What The Sea Dragged In

Creatures Found at Seaside After Tsunami As everyone knows, the tsunami in Southeast Asia was devastating both in the loss of life and economically to the region. However now that the clean up is underway in the region, deep sea creatures that live too deep to be studied are being found scattered throughout the wreckage. These creatures were washed up on shore when the waves hit.

The Bald, The Beard & The Ugly (Inside Job, The Movie)

This was posted back in November 2008, and published in StarBiz as well. Well, they finally made a movie of the subprime mess. It was superbly done, I must say. Matt Damon was the narrator. I loved the many interviews, especially the ones fronting for the bad guys twitching and lying through their teeth ... Funny thing was, the bad guys are not just your usual suspects, they included many economist professors of high regard.To watch the movie and to read my dated posting, I think I should have made the movie myself... lol.

I was watching the uncomfortable grilling by the US lawmakers on Ben Bernanke and Henry Paulson on the US rescue plan. Pity those two guys. They are trying to fix a problem which was inherited and they have to suffer the embarrassment of trying to persuade the lawmakers to approve the funds.But who really are the culprits that brought about such a calamity? I shall try to ascribe blame to the relevant parties. But please note, it’s a highly subjective issue and every…

Steve Jobs Unique Management Style

There is no one correct way to run a company. Steve Jobs is a very special person. There are a lot of things we all could learn from him. Saw this in a summary of the things he did which was unusual in running the company that now has the largest market cap after Exxon. My comments in colour:

1) Partner with the enemy

Can you imagine Pepsi and Coca-Cola getting together? Or Verizon and AT&T? That's how strange it was when Apple and Microsoft announced their partnership at the 1997 Macworld Expo. After 12 years of financial loss, Jobs needed to get Apple money, and quickly. So he turned to Bill Gates, who made a $150 million investment in Apple."The era of competition between Apple and Microsoft is over as far as I'm concerned," Jobs said. "This is about getting Apple healthy, this is about Apple being able to make incredibly great contributions to the industry and to prosper again.” That is thinking out of the box. Would CEOs ever consider worki…