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Making Sense Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis in Europe basically emanated from the Syrian failed revolution against Assad. Forget about that dispirit, Syria now is torn and kalam-kabut with various parties trying to gain the upper hand.

This cartoon is very FAIR and HONEST in trying to explain the issues surrounding the current crisis. There are a lot of concerns on the issue of Islamisation of European countries, crime, integration issues, etc... Watch this and don't get all riled up over nonsense pervading our multimedia.

Japan Stunned the Springboks ... Deservedly

How big was this result ... let me put in proper perspective ... if it was the football World Cup, is it like Malaysia beating Brazil ... ono because Malaysia cannot even make the World Cup finals proper. 


So, this is also NOT like Japan beating Brazil in the World Cup because Japan is a proper force in football and its not that shocking even if Japan beats Brazil. This is like New Zealand beating Germany in the World Cup.... cause South Africa or the Springboks had been multiple champions in their past lives, and NZ like Japan has never ever come close to football glory and rugby glory respectively.

Even that comparison is not sufficient because its harder for underdogs to usurp their higher ranked foes in rugby than say football. In football, you can get a lucky goal, a deflected free kick, a mistake ... and then defend like hell and still beat a higher ranked opponent. In rugby, its muscles and grind and pressure constantly, you get very few freebies, you need muscle and deft passes…

Real Property/Construction Awards We'd Like To See

More than usual, we'd be inundated with pages and pages of self-congratulatory, own-association, "sharing of the pig among members" by property and construction industries. This project good la, that gets gold award, that bronze award ... so many awards that its amazing to find any project without an award.

However, these peripheral, syok-sendiri awards are necessary for the industry ... much like how the Academy Awards started, we are so good, why no one give us awards... never mind, we give ourselves awards hah!

The public is not interested at all because you fellas do not give out the Real Awards ... such as:

BEST PROPERTY PROJECT for maximum percentage gain from official selling price one year after launch date (ta-dah!!!)

BEST PROPERTY PROJECT for the best discount from official selling price plus freebies thrown in

BEST PROPERTY PROJECT with the most innovative financing using the minimum down payment and extended period for further payment till handover


Melt In Your Mouth New York Brisket In KL

I have walked past this little kiosk a number of times but never patronised it till I read the excellent review by Vivian Chong in The Malay Mail a few days back. So I went yesterday and after the first bite into my beef brisket pocket, I kicked myself for not having this earlier.

Its just like the ones I had in New York and there the beef brisket is like a religion. Normally when you have a beef sandwich you are likely to encounter some shards of muscle here and there, a proper slow cooked beef brisket melts in your mouth.

I must say, the seasoning is just right. Not too many condiments. Its a 9/10.

He operates alone, so be prepared to wait.

Brooklyn Deli is at LG-7 (next to Boost Juice), 1 Mont Kiara Mall, 1 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara, KL.  Opens daily: 11.30am-10pm;

For bookings of roast beef, beef brisket or the metre-long sandwich, contact David Hoh at +6012-627 6193 

See more at:…

Slow Things Down

What is it about us humans that we always see the grass being greener elsewhere .. we always yearn to travel and see the world, catch the sights and sounds ... it usually takes an outsider to appreciate beauty as those inhabitants are usually too jaded to notice whats in their backyard ... watching this magnificent video would make us think Malaysia is sooo gorgeous ... maybe we all should be less jaded and 'slow things down' to smell the bloody roses.

Bowie Deserves More Accolades

For somebody who has been more than an iconic rock pop start for over 40 years ... David Bowie sure can be termed as being under-rated. He is multi talented and can play many instruments, a strong confidence in his art indicated by his production and song writing abilities.

Bowie has stayed a few steps ahead of the pack in the early days. His iconic Space Oddity and Life On Mars came at a time when the race to space was paramount in the media. He humanise the aspirations. Not only that, the songs were gems as well.

He was deemed as freakish with his outlandish make up doing Ziggy Stardust in the mid 70s, something which was a precursor for the New Romantics and post-punk revolution a few years down the road.

He kept reinventing himself in the late 70s when he tried to break into the American market. He became a big hit in the US then. The main reason why his fame has not reached higher levels was his leaving the UK for the USA, causing many of his UK fans to be a pissed at him. Somehow h…

Something's Up Down Under

Things are looking very interesting down under ... you won't see these pictures in the mainstream media... I wonder why!!??

These are rally crowds at SDP (Commonwealth) and Workers Party (Simei). Last week's crowds at Hougang was scary as well.

So whats the main grouse of these Singachildren? Yes there are many things good and wonderful in Singapore ... civil service works like a clock, all applications are processed quickly and efficiently, there are almost no banking queues ... most things can be paid online, most people have housing thanks to CPF, the streets are safe and crime rate is very low ...etc...

The one main grouse is that the country do not seem to belong to them anymore. Its all good and such to have all highly qualified ministers, but there is elitism in that. You do whats good for the country as if it were a corporation.

They are correct to want to bring in highly skilled population if Singapore is to continue to move up the value curve, if Singapore wants to conti…

Good Neighbours

I don't think I need to tell the readers here that we have a massive refugee crisis in Europe and in Asia in particular, but the situation is more dire in Europe. Depending on how rich a country is, it is only fair to contribute where you can. 

UK has done very well, what we call batting well above its average. I also have to single out the rich oil nations such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar ... kudos on the contributions ... BUT all four countries have TAKEN IN ZERO REFUGEE. Is it a country's prerogative not to take in refugees ??? I guess a country has the sovereignty to decide if they want their population to remain homogenous (largely) so as to stave off future social problems, maybe. I will try to not associate the innocent drowned boy in Turkey to this, although I can ...

Take my money but don't force me to take in any refugees. If every single country does that .... we are all so fucked. I think I can put Japan into that category as well.

Let's get one thi…