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Flamengo 5 - Santos 4, What A Match!

Is this a genuine posting or just an excuse to feature Zhou Weitong again? Who cares? The match was brilliant. You can see the new blue yeyed boy of football Neymar doing his stuff scoring two goals for Santos. But you can spot the devious trick by Neymar when he comes in from the flank into the box - he will suddenly jibe into the box to trigger a foul to earn penalties. If you look at the run path of Neymar and the defenders in slow-mo, you can clearly see that its a good trick.

Ronaldhino showed that he is not over the whole hill yet. His free kick which gave Flamego the 4th goal was intelligent and well executed. ... and hey, Zhou Weitong also plays football in the mud!!!

RIO DE JANEIRO, July 28 — Ronaldinho scored a hat-trick as Flamengo overcame a three-goal deficit to beat South American champions Santos 5-4 away in an extraordinary Brazilian championship match.The former Barcelona and AC Milan forward, leading scorer in the championship with eight goals, netted the equaliser …

Metaphorical Battle At Kruger

I was scrolling my archives and came across this posting. To me, its more than a National Geographic piece. It also has a metaphorical and/or allegorical quality. Somebody could have scripted the wildlife drama loosely based on any Asian country (hint..hint). The pride of lions represent the government. The buffalos represent the people (hint, hint, always being herded but when they come together as one - can even surprise themselves). The crocodiles are just the priviledged few trying to take the 5% or 10%. Enjoy!

Market Shifting Gears Finally

Just when you least expect it to, the market suddenly turned on its head and registered a most vibrant trading day yesterday. Just a one-off? Judging from the trading trend, movements in certain stocks, it looks to have some legs for a run.

Supposedly consolidating stocks such as Mah Sing, RA suddenly sprouted wings. Coincidentally, Hap Seng Consolidated has finally set their warrants price, now that the exercise is over, we may see more activity. Same goes for Coastal Contracts as the contra selling for those buying ex-basis is over and the warrants should start trading over the next couple of days.

There was also sufficient activity in "trading stocks" such as ENG and Dialog. Plus fresh meat in Wijaya and Hiap Teck. Activity also seen in AFG and Affin as the banking M&A theme seems to be simmering as well.

All in, looks good for a couple of weeks.

NOTE: The above opinion is not an invitation to buy or sell. It serves as a blogging activity of my investing thoughts …

The Jazzy Sounds Of Teresa Teng (ONLY 40 TICKETS LEFT!!!)


The organisers had their press conference yesterday and was well attended by all 6 Chinese papers. Wickedly, they have included this video as part of their promo. Its an excerpt from my all time fav Chinese movie Comrades, Almost A Love Story (next to An Autumn's Tale). The movie was brilliantly tied together by Teres's songs. Both Leon Lai and Maggie Cheung had a torrid on-off affair back in HK, growing up as new immigrants from China. After many years of unfortunate events, bigger than themselves, both made their way to New York. They were both saddened to hear of Teresa's passing... and the rest you watch yourself...

I guess what the organiser want to share is that Teresa's songs bind everyone everywhere, wherever there are Chinese people, you will hear Teresa's songs. As much as we may pooh-pooh them when we were younger, somehow we grow to like them as we grow older. Here's to a magical evening of tribute.

Among the highlights....

1) After a clas…

Marketocracy Portfolio As At 20th July 2011

Salvador Mutual Fund (SMF) BLUE LINE
price history SMFm100 S&P 500 NasdaqGraph Period: [7 Days] [30 Days] [90 Days] [6 Months] [1 Year] [2 Years] [3 Years]
[4 Years] [5 Years] [Since Inception] recent returns vs. major indexes TodayMTDQTDYTDSMF0.59%0.30%0.30%-6.90%S&P 5001.01%-1.08%-1.08%4.88%Nasdaq1.58%-0.30%-0.30%4.23%

recent returns RETURNSLast Week0.37% Last Month5.37% Last 3 Months-7.91% Last 6 Months-9.19%

Best Fine Dining In KL

Food can come in many presentations. I am ok with hawker food as long as they are good and clean. Sometimes you do patronise fine dining establishments for certain special occassions or for business meetings, or just because its Tuesday night.

kingfish carpaccio

How often do I get to go to these places? About a couple of times a month, sometimes more frequent. So my opinion is based on my dining experience over the past 12 months in KL. Till last night my top 3 list has always been in this order:

1) Cilantro (even though there was a change of chef with the refurbishment)
2) Sage
3) Millesime ( loved the food and service, but the desserts keep holding them back from getting to the top two spots)

My last 2 visits earlier this year was a slight disappointment at Sage, just couldn't pull all the flavours together. The dishes were uneven.

Gave Sage another go last night and it was possibly the best fine dining experience in KL for me. Must get the Tasting Menu cause it has the one sp…

How China Conquers The World

Many things have been said about how China is going to dominate the global economy for the next 50 years. This in a nutshell, is how they go about laying the groundwork. China already is a player in the commodities side of things, they are laying the groundwork for the rest of the jigsaw puzzle.

The first question to entertain is why are they keeping the yuan low while they keep registering tons of surpluses. This is key to buying up the world. Some may say that although they have surpluses, a lot of that are in US Treasuries. If USD falls, they stand to lose a lot. That is B.S. ... I think even a second year economics student at Beijing University would be able to see through that.

Although China has a lot of Treasuries, their buying has decelerated substantially. Some think that they cannot ever dump the Treasuries - yes they do not dump, they cannot even afford to dump as the derailment of the global economy can have massive ramifications.

Instead, they basically recycle the surpluses…