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Smarter People Own More Stocks

Business Times - 26 Jan 2012

Smarter people own more stocks, says study

It finds a direct link between IQ and market participation

( NEW YORK ) The smarter you are, the more stock you probably own, according to researchers who say they found a direct link between IQ and equity market participation.

Intelligence, as measured by tests given to 158,044 Finnish soldiers over 19 years, outweighed income in determining whether someone owns shares and how many companies he invests in. Among draftees scoring highest on the exams, the rate of ownership later in life was 21 percentage points above those who tested lowest, researchers found. The study, published in last month's Journal of Finance, ignored bonds and other investments.

Economists have debated for decades what they call the participation puzzle, trying to explain why more people don't take advantage of the higher returns stocks have historically paid on savings. As few as 51 per cent of American households own them, a 2009 stud…

The Longest Wait For A Food Stall In Ipoh

I probably never did write much about this food stall because its already soooo damn hard to get food here. Normally I have to wait 30 minutes at least. Well, thanks to the CNY holidays, its more like 1 hour for my bowl of curry mee (Ipoh style).

Is this the most sought after hawker food stall in Ipoh, probably. Why, its got this silly combination of chicken, mee, meehoon, its distinctive curry soup base, barbecue pork, a bit of pork parts, the crunchy siew yoke ... all topped with its stupefyingly good curry oil mix. Its all in the curry oil mix.

A HK entrepreneur  bought the sole rights to sell the same stuff in HK for an undisclosed sum, its still doing roaring business in HK. I think they still ship the curry oil mix over.

If you are there, you gotta take a look at their menu ... its damn original.

Still, one hour is still worth the wait. Don't know what it is, its intoxicating, spicy and pretty hot, plus addictive ... but damn slow service man!!!

Restoran Xin Quan Fang[新泉芳咖哩面茶餐室]


Kung Hei Fatt Choi

Below is the actual 24K gold carving signifying the year 2012. Too much money, can go to HK to buy this. Sun Leen Jhun Phou!!! Sum Seong See Sing!!!

CSLA Feng Shui Chart 2012

Adopt A Dog, People

Dog owners and dog lovers will shed tears for sure because they know its true and the scene will be the same if the same thing befall us.

Around The World In 12 Dishes

These are the 12 dishes/meals to have, according to the food editors of Sydney Morning Herald, in a culinary gastronomic trip around the world. They have intentionally left out Australian restaurants as it was a SMH publication for Australian readers.

Advertisement: Story continues below Noma, Copenhagen

“Your first course is already here” announces the waiter, indicating the vase of bright nasturtiums and twigs on the table. Inside each flower is a plump snail and a touch of remoulade. So already you’re foraging, picking flowers and crunching through twigs. Then you’re nibbling dried-then-fried reindeer moss, and lichen it. Then you’re raiding a little nest of its pickled and smoked quail eggs. Then peeling shellfish from a hot rock, as if by the seaside. And crunching through blue mussels, their shells recreated in edible form. It’s an extraordinary sleight-of-hand, and it shows that Rene Redzepi wouldn’t know what the term ‘resting on your laurels’ was if it hit him in the face. Okay,…

Too Funny .....

Quality Time

Let's face it, we only get back closer with our parents and realise the need to spend more time with them as we get older ... it doesn't have to be that way, the sooner we realise that the better.

Japanese Food Is Some Seriously Gay Food ...

Seriously funny, must get the book Gay Men Don't Get Fat. I mean it really make sense. Food can be classified into gay, straight or even lesbian. I give you the 3 choices and you label them accordingly: double-decker double beef burger with bacon and fried egg; rocket leaves, pine nuts, mixed garden salad; california roll and salmon skin roll. Soooo easy.... Straight food is full of protein and fat, usually not much different from the real thing when it was alive and usually involves a lot of frying (i.e. cut a slab of meat from the cow, little processing). Gay food is basically stuff that used to be huge but whittled down, went through many processes, beautifully presented, little and clean, frowns on fried stuff ... Lesbian food is earthy, full stop. Soooo simple.

Joshua Bright for The New York Times In a new book, Simon Doonan categorizes food as "gay" or "straight."
Published: January 3, 2012

“HERE’S a good example of what we’re talking about,…