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Understanding The HK Situation

I have HK friends who cannot sit at the same table for dinner because of differing opinions on the way the protests have descended to. Even back in Malaysia, I have close friends who keep posting how the rioters should be handled, locked up and punished.

I don't think that the majority understand fully why the protests are ongoing; why it has descended into rioting and mayhem ... and many people in HK are still in support.

Anyone who is outside of HK would find it easy to question and condemn the silliness, naivety, and futility of the rioters' efforts.

This is by no means an apologetics diatribe to justify the protesters and (maybe even) the rioters. Rather, it is an attempt to understand the thinking and makeup of most Hongkongers.

First, let's look at why a lot of foreign people dislike the protesters/rioters:
- a complete disregard for rule of law
- the HK police force has been too 'lenient' and the "rules of engagement" too humanist as to limit the powers …

The Not-So-Enigmatic Success Story Behind QL Resources?

CAVEAT:  This is entirely MY OWN VIEW, I could be wrong here. It is mainly conjecture on my part.

It has been said when you wish to emulate someone, learn from the best. QL Resources, a shining star in terms of stock price performance for the last 15 years, did very well again in 2018 in spite of trying conditions. 

 QL was founded in 1987, but its roots stretch back to the late 1970s. In those early years, Dr Chia Song Kun and his brothers harvested the calcium-infused shells of dead mollusks from a remote shoreline near their home village, which they supplied to local feed millers. The hard-fought success of this modest business allowed them to expand their product range and open new branches across Malaysia. 

 After establishing a core business in feedstuff trading the company grew through adjacency expansion, which led to diversification into food for human consumption. QL now operates in three distinct sectors: Integrated Livestock Farming, which includes poultry farming, feedstuff …

AMLA Overkill For the Majority Of Malaysians

The objectives for AMLA are fine. However, most will agree that the "checks and balances" on ordinary Malaysians of late (over the past 6-9 months) have been bordering on overkill. A sudden substantial sum should attract proper queries. But please, not RM2,000 or RM8,000 here, TT here kena and TT there kena. For the majority of Malaysians, we are being "mildly persecuted for having and using and receiving money", so much so that we are "made to feel that we ordinary Malaysians cannot and certainly should not nor are we capable of earning or handling money more than RM500".

New accounts should be checked sure. But if we have been holding active bank accounts for 15-20-25 years, why now? Even so, ask once every 6 months, please ... not every other transaction 2-3 times a month. We feel like ex-prison convicts being checked by our supervisor for post-good behavior.

Why should Bank Negara tone down the "overkill":

- You are letting the eagles go free, …