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Age is often associated with maturity, but my experience showed that that is not true at all. If you ask for a definition of maturity from ten people, you will get ten answers, most with some truth in it. I think its better to equate maturity with they way one thinks, the way one prioritises, the way one handles adversity and success. Below was a pretty good summary which I read from Quora:

Maturity is when you stop trying to change people, and instead focus on changing yourself. 
Maturity is when you accept people for who they are. 
Maturity is when you understand that everyone is right in their own perspective. 
Maturity is when you learn to "let go". 
Maturity is when you are able to drop "expectations" from a relationship and give for the sake of giving. 
Maturity is when you understand that whatever you do, you do for your own peace. 
Maturity is when you stop proving to the world how intelligent you are. 
Maturity is when you focus on positives in people.
Maturity is …

Rudimentary But Effective

If we had implemented this ingenious hat during exams, I am pretty sure at least 2 or 3 of my long time friends would not have passed their SPM (Form 5).

Malaysia's Employment Index??!!

We do not quite have a proper unemployment index ... because our safety nets are almost non-existent (except for relatively cheap public health care, but got to wait la). When a country has some sort of unemployment benefits, we can then keep better track of the real unemployment figure. Hence it was "good" to receive this email. It is at best an indicative figure, but better than nothing.


Dear all, one of the largest online employment sites globally, today announced the release of the first everMonster Employment Index (MEI) in Malaysia, reporting an overall decline by 23% in online employment activities across the country.

Based on real-time review of millions of job opportunities culled from a large representative of career websites and online job listings across Malaysia, the MEI tracks the growth of online recruitment in Malaysia, including results from across industries and occupations.

Interestingly, the Banking, Financial Serv…

Coffee Snobs Can Filter Themselves Or Get Cupped

I love my coffee, but I am also aware how artisanal (meaning arty-farty) it has become. I like good coffee, or great coffee ... but at times, coffee is just really just coffee. Still like my Nescafe and local coffees. Just relek-la and enjoy, don't judge too much.

21 Harsh Truths Every Coffee Snob Needs To HearHold onto your soy piccolo lattes. posted on May. 18, 2015, at 12:00 p.m. BuzzFeed Contributor