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World Cup Funnies

Well, this is one hell of a World Cup so... the top 8 teams showed us all that they are ALL BEATABLE. If you are betting, stop betting on teams, bet on BIG/SMALL goals per match, go BIG ... must be something about the pitch and new ball. The new ball when struck do not fly all over the place, it can turn but more importantly it keeps flying low, my theory for all the goals. How to beat Argentina, just attack directly down the middle. Nobody else onAregentina can score besides Messi, just mark the shot out of him. Brazil is beatable, not invincible at all. Germany is solid. Belgium marching on though performance is still below par, important to find teams that do not peak too soon. Still rooting for Holland and Belgium.

Cristiano Ronaldo's World Cup so far: 3 hairstyles Lionel Messi's World Cup so far: 4 goals.

Suaraz is a rich rich man when he helped create Apple's logo ...

Did you know that the current World Cup logo was modeled by Spanish supporters ...

Luis Suarez has now…

The Best New TV Show

If you a fan of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, you'd be familiar with John Oliver. Much like Stephen Colbert, who also used to be in The Daily Show, who went on to super things with his amazing political/social issue parodies in The Colbert Report. Looks like Jon Stewart will have to dig deep again to unearth new helpers cause John Oliver has gone to start his critically enjoyable Last Week Tonight, a highly sarcastic poke at major news and political figures. His show comes off as highly intelligent, highly critical and analytical and yet is able to present sharp points to ridicule the oft-stupid reality which we live in.

Here are some of his episodes, enjoy:

Need To Get To "No Par Value" Regime (Very Important Posting)

I was very excited for the entire market when news filtered out that SC/Bursa was close to adopting the no par value regime. However, till now, there has not been a date set, no more rumblings of changes or amendments to corporate laws which are needed to push through the changes. What is holding them back? I do not see any LOGICAL reason for staying on par value regime. It boggles the mind.

What is par value, it is the minimum paid up per share when you are considering to list on Bursa. Bursa is about the last of the active developed/emerging markets to adopt no par value. What kind of finance/investing masterplan we have if we do not include this as a top priority?

There are two main reasons:

1) What is even more galling is the ACE market, which is supposed to be encouraging growth companies, but there is still the par value regime which locks out many applicants. Why do you think so many smaller growth companies have been going to AIMS and Taiwan to list their companies, while you can…

Thought For The Day

My Predictions For The World Cup 2014

Readers might recall that i predicted correctly the last winner of Euro 2012 and the last World Cup in 2010. While everyone likes Brazil, it will be very hard for them. The home ground advantage may actually be too much self induced pressure not to lose. Once behind, it will be quite devastating for a team like Brazil as the weight of the nation may be too hard to bear, a one goal down scenario may actually be a lot worse to the Brazilians. If you look at the tables below, if all goes accordingly, Brazil will be facing the Dutch, and if that does not trips them up, next will be probably Uruguay (big dark horse)/Colombia, next it will be Germany before they make the final. So, you can see there could be pitfalls for Brazil, whereas countries like Holland and Germany while good, they are not favoured to win the Cup, hence less pressure.

I like the Dutch from the top half, as they will have less pressure and the in team squabbles are a lot less this time around. The Dutch team has been se…

Why The Bulls Got Legs (Still)

A revealing chart below mapping the recovery in employment from a crisis/recession till pre-recession levels. Its revealing in the sense that once they got back to pre recession levels, there is usually a good time to be had by bulls for at least 5-7 years before they next correct.

Hence while I believe the current global markets are a little frothy, we will have to learn to live with that kind of froth for some time still. Jeremy Grantham, whom I respect a lot as a value investor, said it best:

"We are not even that close to a bubble. With the S&P 500 at around 1860 (now 1949) recently, we are at about a 1.4- to 1.5-sigma event. Another way to say that is that we are between one and two standard deviations outside the normal distribution of stock-valuation levels. A two-sigma event would put the S&P 500 at 2350. So using the standard definition, it has to go up another 30% from here to get to a bubble. But you don't know when an ordinary market move is a bubble; you on…

Bill Watterson's Back (Temporarily)

I don't know what childhood/teenage life you had, but if you had a great one, you must be a die hard fan of Calvin & Hobbes. I do not see any cartoon strip having that kind of influence ... it was smart, very funny, imaginative and irreverent. The author Bill Watterson was almost a recluse, below was the only available photo of him on the internet. 

He made good money for sure just from his books and reruns of his strips, but he could have easily made hundreds of millions more if he had agreed to: licensing deals on mugs, t-shirts, and movie deals. He never commercialised Calvin & Hobbes, and that's something to shout about. I have a couple of Calvin & Hobbes t-shirts which I bought (pirated of course) many years ago in Bangkok.

Out of the blue, the creator of a lesser known comic strip, Pearls Before Swine, revealed that Bill had authored three strips of Pearls Before Swine incognito, till now as revealed by Stephan, the author of Pearls Before Swine. It all started…

Garfield Meets Zen Master

When Garfield reincarnates as a Zen Master, you get Shironeko. Bitch, please ... attitude.



Qatar Should Lose The World Cup For 2022 & USA Should Be Awarded

As the World Cup looms larger, more and more pressure will be exerted to take away Qatar's seemingly successful bid for 2022. As FIFA was launching its own investigation into the bribery claims against Qatar, pressure was mounting to stage a redo of the bidding process and find a new host for the 2022 World Cup. It's a path that could lead to the United States playing host.

At least one official said he is on board with a re-vote if, as reported by the London Sunday Times, Qatar won the bid with the assistance of bribe money.
"I certainly as a member of the executive committee would have absolutely no problem whatsoever if the recommendation was for a re-vote," FIFA vice-president Jim Boyce said. 

If (FIFA chief investigator Michael Garcia) comes up with concrete evidence and concrete evidence is given to the executive committee and to FIFA, then it has to be looked at very seriously. The FIFA executive committee are 100 percent. He will be allowed to go and speak to an…


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Birds who do art with their poop ...

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