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E.U. Recovery Faces Huge Stumbling Blocks From Italy

Just when everything seems to be going hunky-dory, along comes the Italian Job. The election results is one of the worst you could get which could impede ECB's strategy for recovery. Italy could very well opt out of E.U. and adopt back the lira. Its ok to opt out if you are the weak link like Greece as opting out could help resuscitate your country better. To opt out, if and should Italy do so, one must question Italy's loyalty and sense of belonging in the E.U. .... Italy is basically opting out when it looks terrible for them. Let's boycott pasta!!!

Let's Get Serious - Pakatan's Manifesto

Can they govern? .... Of course they can, just look at the current cabinet, you tell me we cannot find capable people to replace them??? Gawd!!! As for some cynics who question as to how the missions will be funded or whether they are empty promises - seriously, I don't think they will be able to meet all that has been written in the manifesto, but I do think they can achieve at least 1/3 and maybe another 1/3 work in progress and the balance will be status quo, even then that will be 100x better than the administration we had for the past 50 years. Much of whats written below has to do with economics, but to me another key point which I am sure Pakatan can do and will do is restore credibility and independence to the judiciary ... and improve the regulatory and policing bodies - only when its fair can you live in our own country without fear or favour. Why is it that we Malaysians hesitate to talk about which political side we are aligned with??? Where did that fear come from? Wh…

Finally, A Sensible Cost Of Living Study - An Important Posting

This is a reposting from October 2009 of what is still quite a relevant piece. Enjoy.

(click on image to enlarge)

There have been many cost of living studies which somehow does not get it quite right. In many cases, it is skewed towards the expatriate lifestyle. The flamboyant CLSA has come up with a highly interesting piece on Asian living standards, with comparisons as well to US, UK and Australia. The basket of 27 items were well selected as reflective of a middle class lifestyle maintenance. It also looked into the currency effects, which will give a true purchasing power parity comparison.

The items selected:
1) Nokia 3600
2) Mobile phone monthly bill
3) Monthly broadband bill
4) Apple iPod
5) Acer laptop Aspire
6) Levis jeans
7) Louis Vuitton handbag
8) TV- 37" Sharp Aquos
9) Sony PlaystationPSP
10) DVD (err...)
11)Movie ticket price
12) Coca-cola
13) Canned beer
14) Champagne
15) Marlboro Lights
16) Chicken
17) Rice
18) Eggs
19) English Newspaper
20) Economist magazine
21) KFC meal
22) Lowest pric…

A Balanced View From Sydney

Bully-boy Malaysia immature and Australia's reaction so limpDateFebruary 19, 2013CategoryOpinion15 reading nowComments 109Read later Peter Hartcher Sydney Morning Herald political and international editorView more articles from Peter Hartcher