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Manchester United Forever

This season has not been easy for Man United, all the points were hard fought. Safe to say, this Man United team is nowhere near the quality and polish of the last team that won the Champions League, which is why its all the more satisfying. To score two goals away, Ferguson would have said well done, but after watching the match, it was a shooting gallery, Man United could have put 5 away. Somehow if we only had Ole Gunnar Solksjear, it would have been a foregone conclusion.

Still, we worry about meeting Barca in the final, which is why many would be hoping that Real Madrid can dump Barca out. However, if it was meant to be, I think meeting Barca in the final would be a good thing as Man United would be the underdog, and thats a good feeling.

Better watch the video before its banned by YouTube, its the highlights from the match.

Japan, 1 Month Later In Pictures

A sobering yet respectful moment, the need for purpose and determination to carry on. Buddhist monks, Japan Self-Defense Force personnel, firefighters, and other relief workers observed a moment of silence on "Hiyori Yama," or Weather Hill, in Natori, Miyagi prefecture, on April 11, 2011, exactly one month after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit northeastern Japan. Local fishermen used to climb the manmade hump and decide whether it was safe to fish. (Koichi Nakamura,Yomiuri Shimbun/Associated Press)

The picture speaks volume, at her age, did any of her family members survived, if they did not, what is she holding onto. Her thoughts must be filled with sadness and longing. An evacuee sat in a partitioned "room" at a gymnasium converted into a shelter in Kamaishi, Iwate prefecture, on April 12, 2011, a month after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami hit the northeastern coast of Japan. (Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images)

A good picture, its for the you…

Was There Really A Global Recovery Since 2008?

There may still plenty of naysayers about the sustainability of the global economic recovery, some might even question if there was even one in the first place. The first portion of the posting highlights the world trade and production volume. The sums have even bettered the peak right up to 2008. The second portion of the posting deals with the performance of global share markets. They have basically kept in line, although India looked terribly overbought. Hang Seng is surging next and could well have more impetus with the debasing of the USD, as more hot money will swing there to anticipate a revaluation, even without that there should be a keen chase for assets of all types there owing to the enlarging liquidity.

Despite the many major negatives, macro and external, to the global economy, much of it has been localised somewhat. The ongoing sovereign debt default issue in E.U., even the unrest in Middle East and some African nations, ... these events did rocked the markets as it sho…

Goldman Sachs, The Sulking Boy

Power makes you do silly things. What, you did not include Goldman Sachs in your mega-IPO?? What a travesty! I will teach you all a lesson then. We are Goldman Sachs, we can make or break you, just you watch, don't you know we get a slice of all major deals globally or were you born yesterday. We can even get our government to bailout the very companies who then graciously promptly pay us back with the bailout funds.

Goldman Sachs, which ranks first in managing global share sales this year, is sulking after it didn't get an invitation to Glencore's coming-out party. The giant Switzerland-based commodities trader is set for a dual listing in Hong Kong and London and may raise as much as US$12.1 billion (HK$94.38 billion). But Goldman is the only one of Wall Street's big investment banks not to be included in the syndicate of nine handling the float. The syndicate is expected to share in a large cake - US$300 million in fees. Goldman was left out because Glencore&#…

US Long Term Outlook Downgraded

U.S. stock indexes fell sharply Monday after Standard & Poor’s revised its long-term outlook on the U.S. to negative from stable. “Because the U.S. has, relative to its ‘AAA’ peers, what we consider to be very large budget deficits and rising government indebtedness and the path to addressing these is not clear to us, we have revised our outlook on the long-term rating,” the ratings agency said in a release.

The rating agency effectively gave Washington a two-year deadline to enact meaningful change, just days after House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan and President Barack Obama each outlined their plans for slashing debt. S&P nonetheless kept its best rating, AAA, on the U.S. Relative to Triple-A-rated peers, the U.S. has very large budget deficits and rising government indebtedness, and the path to addressing those issues is unclear, S&P analysts said.

My View: Well, isn't this common investing knowledge? The very same people who …

For Those Who Missed The Concert

It was a wonderful concert, the video captured the excerpts from it. One thing most of the audience were not aware was that Zyan was very sick the two days leading up to Saturday. Winnie Ho (2V1G) was even roped in as a last minute replacement if Zyan's condition worsened. I have seen Zyan performed before and she did well but probably she was only 60% of herself. Lydia did magnificently well as did WVC.

Let's Have Some Fun

The market is in ICU, no point looking at it, let's have some fun ... discovered some gems from Britain's Got Talent, enjoy:

Jamie Pugh, quite sensational, singing my favourite song from Les Mis.

This is the unassuming Olivia Archbold, 14 year old ... they didn't allow embedding, so click on the link and be mesmerised.

Now for something that will knock your socks off ... Greg Pritchard ...

and for old times sake, here a re-run on Connie Talbot .. never get tired of this, the purity of the song can only be brought out by someone so unblemished.

and after you have heard that, listen to the late Eva Cassidy (gone way too soon) rip your hearts out with her rendition .... (this live recording was done at Blues Alley 5 months before she died of cancer, so she was already very sick when she performed this)

Again, Why The Ladies' Photos???

ogilvy said...may i know why there is beautiful girl picture posted when you talking landmark and statistic?10:14 PM

Its that time of the year to repost on why there are so many female photos on my blog. I get so many queries, I feel like this should be permanently on the sidebar. Last year, I did a Zoomerang survey with input from readers of the blog on the photos:

How do you feel about the female photos being featured in my blog?
Don't mind them, not the main reason I come to your blog.

Prefer you not to put them up, its a distraction
and it cheapens your blog.

The photos are excellent and blends well with your information,
both equally important.

Without the photos, I will visit your blog a lot less,
sorry but its true.

14%Other, please specify


I would like to add something new. Many would have noticed that I post only Asian women. Well, my blog is an "Asian blog" for starters. I also believe that the most popular lifestyle - entertainment magazines woul…

Singapore Army Jokes

Many of you would have seen the photo from Singapore which had a Singaporean soldier strolling along empty-handed, while his poor domestic helper followed carrying his military backpack.Needless to say, this was a howler of a picture, the guy was condemned left right and center. As a side note, this is one fine example of my usual rants against people who "mistreat" their maids. The same people who go shopping and then have the maid lugging tons of packages, plastic bags, etc. (way over what a normal person should) while they themselves should nothing, worse is when their children also tag along shouldering zilch. What are we teaching our children??? They are our help, not slaves. Imagine your mum or sister having to work as domestic help in an overseas country, and seeing her doing that - how do you feel, and why.Anyway, the photo brought on a whole load of jokes about the "supposedly pampered" Singapore military. Nury Vittachi put some up in his column in SCMP…

Love This Song To Bits

What is the role of a great producer? Any one can sing a classic song of yesteryear, but once in a blue moon you get one that marry the right crossover elements in tempo, instrumentation, sensational harmonies and even new language insertions to bring forth a new way to appreciate a wonderful old song. Talk about taking mixing to the next level. Dick Lee is a masterful musician and producer (and composer). Here, with his undeniably brilliant contribution with Sandy Lam, its an exceptional song. I remember having this CD somewhere in my past life but could not locate it anymore in my collection. Luckily there is You Tube, enjoy the immaculate version of Lover's Tears!

Learn From The Japanese

While the country is still grappling to come to terms with the recent disasters, Japan still has to contend with over 1,000 of aftershocks. That is not my point, I received this email from a friend and I think we all need to ask "would we have reacted the same way in the face of a disaster or a major natural mishap". Every single country needs to ask that question, and to be honest, not many would be able to emulate how the Japanese faced adversity of the mightiest force.

Though they were open to start the "blame game" on everything and everyone, that was surprisingly mild. I know if it was in the US, a hundred and one names and institutions would have been blamed directly / indirectly for the occurence.

There was minimal panic for groceries, unlike the mad stampede in parts of China ... for salt!

Why? Why do we react differently? Is it our upbringing? We may not need to follow each and every attribute but take from each what is lacking in us, and keep asking why. …

Got Your Tickets???

It will be a wonderful night. In addition to great songs, band and singers .. there will be video images coupled with voice overs by famous DJs to provide the right intimate setting for many of the song - it should be a romantic intimate evening for all. The evening will be centered on classic Chinese oldies and the artistes will only do very few songs from their albums. The repertoire will include those songs below (plus a few from their own albums):

夜來香  (Ye Lai Xiang : Fragrant Flower) Original Singer: Unknown

秋夜 【原唱:白光】 (Qiu Ye : Autumnal Night) Original Singer: Bai Guang

魂縈舊夢 【原唱:白光】 (Hun Ying Jiu Meng: Recurring Old Dreams) Original Singer: Bai Guang

永遠的微笑 【原唱:周璇】 (Yong Yuan De Wei Xiao: Forever Smile) Original Singer: Zhou Xuan

花樣年華【原唱:周璇】 (Hua Yang Nian Hua: My Glorious Years) Original Singer: Zhou Xuan

忘不了的你 (Wang Bu Liao De Ni: Unforgettable You) Original Singer: Unknown

如果沒有你 【原唱:白光】 (Ru Guo Mei You Ni: If I Don't Have You) Original Singer: Bai Guang

Untitled from Leslie…

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