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The Table Says It All ...

Yasmin Ahmad Museum @ Sekeping Kong Heng

We all loved Yasmin Ahmad. Her Petronas ads are very much part of our culture in more ways than we can think of. Her works made us think, reflect ... and be the better person that we all can be, should be.

I am so glad Sekeping has started a Yasmin Ahmad museum @ Kong Heng in my hometown Ipoh. Currently it can only open on weekends as there are costs involved in the running, upkeep and to put up more of her works. The key level we need to get to is US$17,500 with 38 days to go. 

Go to the link below,  your consideration and magnitude will help immensely.

Rewards are in US Dollars Levels of Support $10 Personal message of gratitude that will be posted on Facebook.SUPPORT NOW! 1 of 5,000 $50 T-shirt printed with Yasmin’s signature + postcard set. All Rewards will be shipped for free within Malaysia only. Please include additional $10 for shipping outside of Malaysia.SUPPORT NOW! 2 of …

Food Review: Tim Ho Wan

After the initial rush to try Tim Ho Wan having subsided, I managed to secure easily a table with my friends for lunch at their outlet @ One Utama. 

Surprisingly, it was half empty on a working weekday at 12.30pm? Where are the crowds?

I know One U very well, there are a few towers of offices nearby, you can see them thronging through the mall every lunchtime by the hundreds. I guess I know the reason after looking at the menu prices.

(thats the whole menu, exactly 25 items only)

They are a bit on the high side in terms of price, and hence its not really something most office workers can have lunch here twice a week cause its going to be between RM30-40pp for dim sum each time. Having said that, the place at Mid Valley is still full during lunch time, and I think thats because we have a lot more tourists, the ladies who lunch, the lepaking executives having "business meetings" there.

(the century egg & lean meat porridge  10/10)

The fish skin were well done as they were coated…