Monday, April 11, 2011

Again, Why The Ladies' Photos???

Blogger ogilvy said...

may i know why there is beautiful girl picture posted when you talking landmark and statistic?

10:14 PM

Its that time of the year to repost on why there are so many female photos on my blog. I get so many queries, I feel like this should be permanently on the sidebar. Last year, I did a Zoomerang survey with input from readers of the blog on the photos:

How do you feel about the female photos being featured in my blog?

Don't mind them, not the main reason I come to your blog.


Prefer you not to put them up, its a distraction
and it cheapens your blog.


The photos are excellent and blends well with your information,
both equally important.


Without the photos, I will visit your blog a lot less,
sorry but its true.

Other, please specify



I would like to add something new. Many would have noticed that I post only Asian women. Well, my blog is an "Asian blog" for starters. I also believe that the most popular lifestyle - entertainment magazines would have you believe that the most beautiful women in the world are white, blond and busty (mostly).

Surreptitiously, this is another way of reinforcing the "colonial mindset" onto the rest of the world. If you control the media, you can push for "whatever the ideal notion of physical beauty" you want. Like it or not, this plays into the kind of dolls we get for our kids. Without realising it, the cartoons, TV shows we all watch will influence our kids, and the parents as well. The whole seemingly harmless things we take for granted, the Western fairytales for example, all work to impose these kind of images and "mind censorship values system" into all who watch and listen.

I know this sounds like a desperate lawyer talking, but a healthy self-image is vital for a proper grounding to lead a happy and successful life. In no way am I bashing the Western ideals on beauty and role models, ... but we also need to be proud of our heritage and make-up. Hence all women featured are Asians only. Sigh... in my small ways, I hope to help project a healthy self-actualisation process for all (... ok, stop laughing).

liyana jasmay

I used to have to search high and low for "intelligent photos" which somehow may relate to the topic of my posting, as you can see from the first 2 years of postings. It was exhausting and not much fun at all. Postings has to have photos as its nicer to look at and more captivating. It takes me usually 15-20 minutes to write one posting, but I had to search another 20 minutes looking for a neutral photo.

Then I said to myself, its my blog, there is no need to look professional. Its all in the comments. If readers want to read it, they will read it. Why not put up photos that I liked to see. I am a very single hetrosexual guy. Hence I like pretty girls - or rather to look at them.

I don't just put up any girls, they have to be my type and have some jenaisequa' (pardon my Japanese) ... some readers prefer me not to post the photos, some really wanted me to. As for myself, I really wanted to as well. Plus they are never crude, pornographic or too revealing. If you want to just look at girl photos, there are plenty of sites for that. I also take care not to "objectify" the women, hence it is imperative that I always put up their names as well - at least it won't be like Penthouse where the girls all have just one name like Amber, Shashay, Crimson, Vandii, etc...

Lastly, its branding. There are so many business related sites. At least these are distinguishing features that sets the blog apart. I also stated that I feature only Asian ladies because this is primarily an Asian business blog. I also know of some high ranking executives who find it cumbersome to read my blog at work - they kind of have to do it secretly in case they get misunderstood... "I am really looking for the articles!!!"... but that's the fun part of it.

What I post is to share, there is no fee or subscription, or membership... in exchange I would ask my readers to "pardon my habits and indulge me a bit".


p/s photos: Liyana Jasmay (all photos by Photogua)


biggekelv said...

Well done, Dali. Thanks for the info and ladies photos that keep me reading your blog. I don't find it hard to adapt the photos as most of them are artistes or celebrities...Asian some more!Maybe some are 'exposed' but I think is alright. Its your blog and you know what is right or wrong. Keep it UP!

Mr ICICI said...

i think your photos and your blog entries are fabulous! keep up the good work!

Roy said...

You are a funny man. Anyway, please continue with all those pictures. We don't mind. When my kids are around, I just tick on 'do not show picture' at my browser's option. I can then just read the articles with no picture showing. No biggie.

Buyer said...

Dali your rite! WE really find it cumbersome to read your blog at work ! WE need to minimize the screeen as small as we can! but that is one of the fun part of it! Picture with more "explosure" are needed...cheers

Ayumi said...

Dali, I am a lady trader and I like your blog!!!
Sometimes I can see the stars that I liked, it is really true about the western standard on blonde, Asian has their charisma and attractions!

ronnie said...

Your babes are tasteful & gorgeous. Yes sir. Your brandi exercise has my vote.

Hairul said...

Hi Dali,

We don't mind all the ladies pic. Keep on posting it.

And Roy - eh. why laa i didn't think of it., just tick the no image option., and we can read the blog at work.. !

yeah. i've been caught reading Dali's blog at work and been ticked by my boss.. "eh. what are you reading.. looking at this girl..girl photo .. it's at work you know." I tried to explain.. but.. from the look of it.., i think i've bust it.. :D.. hahaah..

brian.wong said...

All the pictures posted are fantastic, it's not an easy task to choose those nice and appropriate one. Well, it shows that you have the instinct of properly "value" ladies as well.

qlobetrotter said...

Better ladies' photo than mens'. Otherwise I will be watching my back all the time..

Nozomi said...

I have no problems with that. I'm just quite amaze how and where you found so many pictures of these beautiful faces.

Ping said...

More skin please.

Justin Choo said...

Hi Dali,

It is precisely that you are unique in this way, that your blog has attracted such a large following. I for one was first fascinated with the pretty girls, altho my initial visits were purely for your investment comments.

Why not conduct another survey to confirm the majority is in favour. It will also give us new comers a chance to voice our opinion.

james said...

damn.. again..

Wings said...

We are ok with the photos.. as a matter of fact, can we have more, please..

aisha said...

Dear Salivating Door

Its 'refreshing' that ur taking a poll of sorts to gauge reader's reaction to scantily clad, sexist pictures.
My honest reaction is - u probably fancy yourself a brainy dick. And someone died and u anointed yourself as an uber financial blog cum (pun intended) Playboy copycat.
Oh tq so much for focusing on Asian women. I suppose your twisted logic is as follows : Asian women need to catch up with the sexual revolution and be up there with the Americans and Europeans. A sexually liberated society is an advanced society. That's just bullshit.

(These women are somebody's daughter, sister and eventually mother, grandmother. Such pictures are degrading and disrespectful of all women).
Women have fought against discrimination over centuries and have achieved much accolades beyond sainted motherhood. You hv shown your specie has not evolved that much from the homo erectus age.
May I ask - Can't u keep sex (and its innuendoes) within the confines of the bedroom. Tak boleh get traffic to your blog without peddling porn kah ?
Its a shame you have sullied your blog in this manner.

- Holly How Proud Your Mother Must Be

Rightways said...

Well said, aisha.

It is natural that male and female attract each other. Sex and religion are private.

Human beings must keep sex and religion in private to differentiate it from animals and politics which is public.

Legambaz said...

Aisha: I think I have the same respect for ladies as you. My side of the story, beauty of ladies are to be published and to be appreciated by those who like them. That's why so many women dress low cuts and short. Maybe you haven't been out of the house much, 'most' women, be it beautiful or not, likes to be watched. Why else do they dress so skimpy? They just happen to have better Torrence of cold than men? And by the way, the pictures in this forum is hardly PORN! To me, a really beautiful women is to be appreciated NAKED. That way, we can be sure she really is beautiful by herself and not be misled into thinking she is beautiful just because she could "hang' some designer's art work. May I add, these beauties in this forum happens to decide to pose to the photographer? Oh, so, maybe they get paid well??? They were not forced to do so, I'm sure. You want to pick a nose about protecting women and how they should be treated, move to the middle-east and start a revolution there and liberate women to level that I'd call 'finally human being' instead of getting suppressed by tradition and society. These women are beautiful. I like seeing them more than financial stat or a picture of a monkey. Doesn't mean i respect them any less than another women cloth in a tube on the street or even you. But thanks for showing you respect women. I just don't see it at your perspective at all.

lell said...

Hi Salvator, while your pictures do not come off as porn at all, contrary to Aisha's belief, it does sometimes distract one from reading your postings.

However, with that said, this Sir, is your blog and your can do whatever the flying 'FISH' you like and whoever who doesn't like it can 'FISH' off to any other site where he/she would not feel offended. :) that is freedom of expression afforded on the internet... my two cents worth..

Jimmy Tan said...

Yes, the pictures will help men understand better !

llck77 said...

choosing the right face / post / body in your blog might be as tedious as looking at the stocks. need some really good eye sight and insight info. not sure why i'm putting this comment as i just accidentally blog on to ur site while in Singapore planning for my family trip to Resort World. lol. now back to my analysis on rides to go for first...mmm.

nickykee said...

Dali, please continue to post ladies photos. At first, it was startling to see those photos but got used to it now and started to love this "feature" on your blog lol.

Rightways said...

Beautiful ladies to brighten the markets, it is lady lucks!

Rightways said...

Beautiful ladies to brighten up the markets, it is lady lucks!

subramax said...

Why is that when someone puts up pictures of ladies it always seems to = 'sex'? Why can't one just enjoy the beauty of anything and everything? Dali also has dog pictures - is anyone thinking 'bestiality'? What about cooking pictures - 'cannibalism' anyone? Just read the text lah you all !

Sakina said...

I have no problems with the photos, however, let me offer you a fresher perspective. When you google the names of some of these distinguished men, their names + photos will be pulled up alongside the scantily clad beauties you placed next to the article. Their wives or whom ever is out to destroy their reputations will not be as "open-minded" as your readers or whomever reads your blogs. It's how I found you, btw, I google my father's name and was shocked to find a scantily clad woman next to his photo. The first thoughts that sprang to mind is why is this woman next to my dad? Does he have an affair with this woman? Thankfully and with great relief, after reading your blog, I found that it is not true. But again, on hindsight, it got me thinking of how if I didn't read your blog, how something so insignificant can indeed destroy one's reputation. So I'm asking you to think about it seriously...put yourself in the shoes of those who might be affected by your harmless action. Do you honestly think that they'd approve?

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