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How To Talk Like An Analyst or Sales Trader

Funny Ad

Apparently, this commercial is very funny in Hokkien.

Living The Life We Want (Revisited)

A special person shared with me last week about attending a talk by a 'wise person', and that it is important to "learn how to let go". To let go of our bad memories, failures, unproductive ways, etc... To which I replied that "we always hold onto people who don't love us or people who hate us or people who make us mad or people who take us for granted ... we also care too little for the people who love us unconditionally, the people who adore us, the ones who still stick around in spite of all your shortcomings". Such wasted priorities. Live the life we want, don't resign to fate, don't waste it waiting for those who never intend to turn up, don't waste it on bad memories of those who wronged us, don't dwell on regrets and failures ...

I think this might be an advertising thing, but magnificently crafted and very meaningful, and probably based on some 6 old foggies' true life story. Love the Chage Aska song in the background, On Your…

Its Monday .......

The Debasement Of Major Currencies

Since the global economy largely went off the Bretton Woods system where gold deposits was secured by issuance of currency, we have not encountered such a drastic debasement of major currencies. Basically when a country prints their own currency without "significant backing or financial reserves", you are assuming the rest of the world are idiots. If Malaysia tries to do that, nobody will accept the ringgit at 3.0 vs the USD, it becomes monopoly money.

However, the USD is a reserve currency, closely followed by the Euro and the British pound. Its OK to print as long as the central bank also "withdraws" the money from circulation later on. Do you see that happening over the next 5 years?

Supposed when you print (irresponsibly), the worth of that currency adjusts itself in the markets, but we all know that has not been the case. 

First, if a country prints more currency to manage their affairs, this results in higher inflation. This is what most developed countries are …

Tributes By Elton John and Barry Gibb

Barry Gibb has paid tribute to his brother and Bee Gees bandmate Robin by releasing a touching farewell video. The remembrance clip, set to the Bee Gees ballad Heart Like Mine, features never-before-seen home video footage of the Gibb brothers as kids, as well as career highlights and live performances.
The montage, which Barry posted on his YouTube page, is titled Bodding - Robin’s nickname. The singer lost his battle with cancer at the age of 62 on Sunday and Barry, the sole surviving member of the trio, has yet to make a public comment on his sibling’s death.
Robin’s twin Maurice died in 2003 of complications linked to a twisted intestine.
Read more:

Kagemu - Absolutely Brilliant!

Call it modern art, modern dance, creative graphics ... you cannot deny the creative geniuses behind this two performers. Black Sun is a meticulously choreographed projection of motiongraphics onto dance,combining traditional and modern elements of Japanese culture and martial arts.  Artist Nobuyuki Hanabusa and dancer Katsumi Sakakura, together known as Kagemu, have since been widely imitated by others....

The Bee Gees or The Beatles

It is common to hear The Beatles as the best group ever in terms of musicality, composition and longevity. So what about The Bee Gees? Now that 3 out of the 4 brothers have left us, maybe its time to reassess the true worth and rightful standing of The Bee Gees.

Why The Beatles is so famous? Their music was mind changing, innovative, and brought a whole new meaning to rock and roll. Their members' lives were esoteric and hogged the media. They proclaimed for world peace, engaged in Eastern philosophies, they were cool to the max ... they were anti establishment. They rooted for the hippies, the disenfranchised, the disenchanted ... They were more than musicians, they were more than performers. The media loved them. They Brits were proud. The Americans wanted to call them their own. The whole world wanted to love them because they were "cool".

The Bee Gees were enormously successful in the early years, on par with The Beatles. Maybe because they did not do as much drugs a…

Trump Says "Get A Pre-nup, Mark!!!"

How to piss off your girl friends ... start a conversation about pre-nups. Well, Mark Zuckerberg's got $19bn now, and he also just got married. You cannot say pre-nups are silly because about 50% of marriages end in divorce. I think Mark is the kind of guy who would probably offer at least $500m to his wife if they ever get a divorce, if so, I think that's more than fair. Better stop talking now before I get bombarded.

 p/s Trump is an asshole ...


They were words of wisdom from one billionaire to another - whatever you do, make sure your intended signs a pre-nuptial agreement before you marry.

But when Mark Zuckerberg wed his long-time girlfriend, a day after the stock market in New York valued Facebook at $US104 billion ($105.7 billion), it was unclear whether he had taken property mogul Donald Trump's advice.

Like the rest of the world, Trump was unaware of Zuckerberg's forthcoming marriage to Priscilla Chan when he mused on the implications for thei…

Cartoon For The Weekend

This is pretty funny and insightful. Facebook friends and real friends are totally different OK. But if someone posted pics of "the person's funeral", maybe he/she will get a few hundred LIKEs.

Thought For The Day (Week, Year ... everything)

Too Funny, Had To Repost

I think I posted this four years back. Its the funniest game show where the "students" are not supposed to laugh or else will get whacked. All you need is a basic understanding of foul language in Hokkien.
Funniest Taiwan Game Show
Though I am English-ed, I do enjoy some of the Taiwanese TV shows, esp the funny game shows. Probably can make sense of 50%-70% of the Mandarin spoken. But when they revert to Hokkien, they lose me totally, except when its vulgar language. The most talented presenter, Jacky Wu, in the Ultimate Game has as part of his show a classroom where everyone cannot laugh or else they will be caned. This time around, they had two old foggies who have a load of problems speaking in Mandarin, and end up with vulgar language intonations unintentionally. Its brilliant and very funny.

Refreshing - The Band Perry

Finally, something refreshing from the music scene. Have you heard of The Band Perry. They are a group of 3 siblings, playing country pop rock. The group is composed of siblings Kimberly Perry (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Reid Perry (bass guitar, background vocals), and Neil Perry (drums, mandolin, accordion, background vocals).  What sets them apart is their smart lyrics. Always laced with humour, dark humour sometimes, and when angry, loaded with funny sarcasm. The songs are pretty good too.

Ladies will love this song, they will sing to their hearts' content especially following episodes with lousy ex-boyfriends. Enough said.

Another one for the ladies. This time they will sing this Double Heart with gusto to guys who try too hard, too fast, too eager ... very funny lyrics. It seems that plenty of their songs are about guys being assess, You Lie, another vociferous angry song about those lying sons of ...

My favourite, If I Die Young. A dark song but beautiful nonetheless.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

The title was the big hit by The Clash. Its not so much about Greece leaving the E.U., its about the countries that "can" follow after that. If Greece "can" leave, Portugal and Spain could follow. Greece in itself is a small problem to the rest of the world. However, the Greeks will HAVE TO take their medicine one way or another - by following the austerity measures set by E.U. or go it alone. The former will see tightening of belts but in a controlled manner. The latter will see massive hyper inflation and devaluation of the drachma. Just remember Argentina and Indonesia.

Once the rest actually sees how tough it is for Greece to go it alone, I don't think ANY other country would want to risk leaving E.U.

But what we all want to know is how it will affect the local markets. Have to go down in sympathy for at least a day. I don't see how, why, this can drag the rest down. If anything, funds will flow out of Europe to other stabler performing regions. This even…

Friday Funnies

This is too funny, the guy is patience personified (lol) ... How should one react? By keeping silent? Some people just doesn't deserve a driving license.

Thought For The Day

Smartass Wordplay Graphics


Learning To Speak Proper Cantonese

Coffee ..........

Oil Prices and Stock Markets

You want bull markets, well, brace for higher oil prices. If you want to think that equity markets can go higher than current levels, are you prepared for oil to be in the region of $110? Airlines stocks brace for another shock? Oil and gas stocks may have more upside? What is important to consider is how OPEC views the current prices. Realistically, their minimum for most of them is around $80 for them to balance their budgets. They are happy of course with rising prices but they are also circumspect as to prices not being too high as to derail the recovery process for the US and EU. Looks to be staying highish for a few more weeks.

High energy prices are supposed to be bad for profits.  But that doesn't necessarily mean they're bad for stocks. Tobias Levkovich, Citi's top U.S. equity strategist, discusses the relationship between stocks and oil in his latest Monday Morning Musings note. The S&P 500 has climbed a relatively im…