Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Refreshing - The Band Perry

Finally, something refreshing from the music scene. Have you heard of The Band Perry. They are a group of 3 siblings, playing country pop rock. The group is composed of siblings Kimberly Perry (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Reid Perry (bass guitar, background vocals), and Neil Perry (drums, mandolin, accordion, background vocals).  What sets them apart is their smart lyrics. Always laced with humour, dark humour sometimes, and when angry, loaded with funny sarcasm. The songs are pretty good too.

Ladies will love this song, they will sing to their hearts' content especially following episodes with lousy ex-boyfriends. Enough said.

Another one for the ladies. This time they will sing this Double Heart with gusto to guys who try too hard, too fast, too eager ... very funny lyrics. It seems that plenty of their songs are about guys being assess, You Lie, another vociferous angry song about those lying sons of ...

My favourite, If I Die Young. A dark song but beautiful nonetheless.


Unknown said...

Hi Mr Salvatore,

Mia Palencia's latest. Thought u might enjoy this.


Unknown said...

Hi Mr Salvatore

Think u might enjoy Mia Palencia's latest.



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