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Diary Of An Election - Malaysia Boleh?

Malaysia Boleh?

I will be honest here. I used to cringe .. a lot... whenever I hear shouts of "Malaysia Boleh"... anywhere, even at sporting events. I mean, its actually a meek war cry .. imagine soldiers shouting that while charging the enemy. Doesn't quite cut it.

That is until 9 May 2018. Don't even need to shout it because in our hearts of hearts, those two words were emblazoned and burned into our memory and conscience forever. 

Malaysia Boleh - we not only did something for our country, we are actually the shining light of democracy to the world now. No other nation can say they have a change in government, without bloodshed or riots. 

Even in the eye of blatant bias all along the voting process, negative bias treatment of candidacy and opposition parties, excessive gerrymandering, hastily enacted rules and laws to frustrate all on the opposing side ... 

Despite.., in spite of ..., Malaysia changed the government by muscling democracy to more than just bare popular …

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