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The Relevance of Ratings Agencies

Do people still look at rating agencies "wonderful recommendations"? To put yesterday's market into perspective, the KLCI lost about 1% while Nikkei lost 1.4% ... did Japan go through a downgrade too? Rating agencies nowadays only affirm what the market already knows. But just to be fair to them, we will fall a bit in sympathy. Truth be told, foreign funds held a lot of Malaysian bonds and last month they were already exiting based on the turmoil in funds being pulled back. The ringgit did not fall just over night, it was weakening for the past few weeks. The Malaysian ringgit closed slightly higher at RM3.2455 against the US dollar and RM2.5529 against the Singapore dollar today. The local currency slipped to historic three-year lows of RM3.2934 against the greenback and 15-year-low of RM2.5862 against the Singapore dollar yesterday on fears of capital outflows from bond transactions. The ringgit has dropped 2.7 percent since June 30 to RM3.2463 per dollar, a loss second o…

Here, Now, Before, Used To ... The Temporariness Of Life

This posting by Tom Hussey reveals so much about so many things. The main takeaway for me is not just to look at someone and not give due what he/she has been through.

Reflections: Portraits of the Elderly as They Once Were My eye recently got pulled towards “Reflections”. A photo series by Tom Hussey, where he portrays the elderly as they reflect on their younger selves in the mirror. This is a wonderfully done series that gives you pause to think, about the passage of time and the lives we are living.

If The Beatles Did Not Exist

The adage about people only remember the winners, those who came in second or third do not get enough credit. In the world of modern music (i.e. stuff churned out popularly over the last 100 years), we can debate it to death but The Beatles would probably come out tops again and again. So much so that their music and the band members (even the pathetic Ringo Starr) are always revered no end.

If The Beatles did not exist ... who do you think will take over that mantelpiece? Its a great topic for bar talk. It is also very good to bring up the achievements of the runner ups ... many whom we will casually write off or be forgotten even though their contributions were just as enormous.

The Beatles had a different sound, its not like Presley's rock n roll (basically a white man doing a black man singing rock n roll, and tons of charisma). It also helped enormously that they came out of UK to conquer the US of A. Fair to say, the best progressive sounds almost inevitably came from the UK o…

Its Official, It Is Possibly The Best Sandwich I've Had

You get very cynical when you see advertising like below. I think Dave's Deli do wonderful stuff with simple food. I believe the father son team opened Dave as a more upmarket dining place at 1U. Its pretty decent.

Then I saw this banner for a couple for months already. Seriously??!!

Basically its good roasted pork belly, but its the accompanying veggies and condiments that make the sandwich sparkle. I kid you not, once I had it, I immediately order one to takeaway.

Don't play-play ... the bread is imported from France OK...

Shan't describe too much about the taste, go and try it yourself ... somehow it goes very well with a hot cup of Americano.

Cooking With Dali - Pasta Baby!

The beauty about pasta is you can invent endlessly, hence I am not terribly keen with the normal pasta dishes unless they are done using fresh ingredients and sauces made from scratch. Here I present 3 pasta dishes that I cook for myself frequently. They have a running theme ... lol...

The first I named it Decadence ... you will know why soon enough. You can buy cheaper whole truffles (I mean for RM150) which can last you for sometime. I use Plantin Delices truffle oil.  The other ingredient is tobiko (flying fish roe) which is widely available at supermarkets. 

Break two eggs, shave some truffles, whip it and fry. Finish with a drizzle of truffle oil. Use angel hair pasta for this dish. Fry some chopped garlic in low heat with olive oil, throw in cooked pasta, season with sea salt, switch off gas, drizzle truffle oil. Shave some truffles and wahlah ....  probably casy me RM30 per serving but its money well spent I think.

The second is Anchovy Baby! A dear friend bought some premium anch…

The "Kong Lui" Debate Revisited

Not much to post, thought I repost a popular one, and see the females react:

In recent years there have been a huge backlash and debate on the Internet and even mainstream media on the unacceptable attitudes of some HK girls. Girls who fit the description are called "Kong Luoi" (short for HK girls but with a derogatory sideswipe at them). Its a generalisation and not all girls will have all the attributes, but you will recognise them immediately.

"Kong Luoi" (KLs) phenomenon started as the 63.8 incident. What started as a first date went horribly wrong when the couple went into a store, and the girl bought some stuff and it came to HK$63.80. The girl expected the guy to pay but he did not, and she ended up paying HK$63.80. That was not the end of it. The girl recorded a video and uploaded it on You Tube ranting and bitching what an asshole and how cheap the guy was for not offering to pay HK$63.80. Her berating video pissed a lot of guys off and started the HK guys c…

Get Tough On Personal Loans & Property Loans ... PLUS Revamp Insolvency Laws Please

Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) move last Friday to tighten consumer lending will be negative for loan growth but the impact will not be significant, CIMB said, as it urged investors to hold on to their holdings in banks. The three measures the central bank announced were 1) a maximum tenure of 10 years for personal loans, 2) a maximum tenure of 35 years for property loans, and 3) a ban on pre-approved personal financing products. In a kind of related newsbite, Nancy Shukri has indicated that changes will be made soon to Insolvency laws, a promise made by Najib back in 2012. Its about time to change these laws as it is not befitting of a developing economy like ours. While I strongly agree that our personal and property debt should be reined in further, ... we also need to know that there is a highly inequitable treatment of those who fall under bankruptcy in the Malaysian system.

I have written before on the dire need to revamp Malaysia's archaic bankruptcy laws. Let's look at hard…