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You cannot pay me to come to a place to do a food review. If I write about it, it has to be very good or very bad. This has been ongoing for nearly a year and at the urgings of many friends, I finally made it. Its located at the edges of Paramount Garden, imagine going from SS2 to Paramount Garden, its about 50-100m from the wet market.

Closed on Mondays, opens from 5pm-10.30pm ... you cannot miss it if you come around 5 or 6 cause the queue snakes all the way to about 20-30 people. Best time to go is around 9.30pm as parking is easy.

Mine smelled so good, I had to eat it while driving back. Average age of patrons is below 25 for sure. Loved the concept and considering they do not use pork, these are exceptional burgers. 

Charcoal bun: 9.5/10, not doughy, light and yummy
Beef patty: 9.5/10, juicy and well seasoned, seared well on the outside
Choices: mind boggling but almost everything is very good, the portobello plus melted cheese are to die for
Secret menu: the Elvis, peanut butter with …

2 Year Old Brilliant Artist

He is quite brilliant, look at some of his paintings, its not just some kid doodling paint .... there is a clarity of composition, there is structure in colour scheme selection. What is art? It is art, when it speaks to you.  ------------------------------------------------------ His work is described as art in its purest form, untouched by life's pollutants and representative of what is important and beautiful. What makes it particularly special is it was created by a two-year-old … and it's been sold for $12,000.
Vinnie Marcis, who has high functioning autism, was 14-months-old when his mother Summa Shing first realised he had a gift.
Colouring his world: Two-year-old Vinnie Marcis at work. Photo: Supplied "My grandfather, who is an art teacher, commented on how wonderful the works were," she said.
Advertisement It was not only the family who were amazed by his talent, little Vinnie caught the attention of local art gallery owner and curator Troy Williams. Mr William…


Why was Margaret Thatcher relevant or important to us? For many younger Brits, they may not realise it but the jobs and opportunities they have now are largely due to Thatcher. Why do I say that? Did you know what Britain was like in the 70s-80s... the unions had the rule of the day ... many were led by similar union leaders who wreaked havoc in Australia in the early 70s. It was getting to the stage where almost every week there was a new union striking for higher wages.

In her infinite wisdom and courage, she had the balls to not be part of the European Union, and stayed with the British pound. In her heart she probably knew the E.U. was a recipe for disaster ... and she was very right ... Funny how seemingly no one seems to be willing to attribute her achievements. Somehow I think it would be so different if Margaret was a man ... I think the accolades would have been enormous. Let us all check our biases .....

It was very difficult for any politician to deal with such threats and ra…