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Last Man Standing

The good Dr speaking without notes for over an hour at Asia Society in New York ... 

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Trade War & US$80 Oil

I hate to be overly optimistic. Because you will get clobbered when you are not totally accurate. I haven't been writing much about business or stocks since the May elections because we needed things to settle.

1) we needed to know the extent of the mess, which our Finance Minister and his team have done properly so far, let it all out in the open

2) I have said before, should PH won the elections, chances are high that the local bourse will be in the doldrums for at least 6-12months. Even so, knowing full well I will lose some money from my portfolio ... I think most of us will RATHER suffer some losses in our portfolio than to see BN re-elected

Things appear to have settled down now. I have mentioned that we needed oil prices to be much higher so that Petronas can sell at higher levels so that the government can request for a special dividend (if needed) to dig us out of the mess by the previous government.

The US$80 oil is as good as one can expect. we just need it to stay above th…

The Probable Cast for The Movie "Billion Dollar Whale"

Was there ever a doubt that this would be made into a movie??!!

(Malaysiakini) Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the Worldco-author Tom Wright has confirmed that a movie deal is in the works based on the book on the 1MDB scandal and its alleged mastermind Low Taek Jho. “We are negotiating a movie deal at the moment, yeah. There should be an announcement very soon about a movie,” he told a group media interview in Kuala Lumpur today. Wright, who remained tight-lipped about the details, joked that it would not be produced by Red Granite Pictures. ~~~~~
It would be so much fun to try and guess who will be playing the main characters. Let me take a stab at it:
Meryl Streep can play anybody, any race even ... her turn in Into The Woods makes her a shoo-in for the role of R.
I am sure you are laughing already. Comedian Jason Leong is a dead ringer for JL (alamak, initials pun sama) ... put on another 20kgs, plus he already has the accent right.

This one's a bi…

Moon My Cakes - The Annual Rant!!!

For all the talk of being cultural, the Mooncake festival is one that is disappointing year in year out.

It seems the festival is about, now, which new flavour can we ingest this year. Actually, just look at any restaurant menu, and then try to make it into a moon cake.

There is no respect, there is no tradition left. How about a prawn mee moon cake, how about a putu mayam moon cake? Why not?

 Well, every year I brace myself for what will be the new fangled flavours for mooncakes. Ta-dah ... last year takes the cake (pun intended). Its Angry Birds mooncakes!  I think its a brilliant marketing strategy, its taking China/HK by the proverbial storm. Is that raining bird shit ... no, its just kids throwing their Angry Birds mooncakes in the air for effect. Now we even get Nasi Lemak ones. Damn it, this year we do actually have nasi lemak mooncakes!!!

Each passing year, we get further away from tradition. Is this fusion or variety or just plain stupidity. I am talking about mooncakes. The who…

The Doors of Praha

Was in Prague for 4 days. Totally blown over by the artefects and antiquities and the very long historical cathedrals. But what caught my eye over and over again were the doors all over Prague. The designs were elaborate or simple but reflective of the history the place has seen throught history. 

I wish I had more time to segregate the various designs and the era and influences they are from. I took over 100 photos of doors, friends thought I was being silly. I have narrowed down the selection to a more manageable number.

Still a wonder to reflect on them.