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Quarterly Reporting Must Stay

The Edge:

The Singapore exchange is about to make life easier for listed companies -- the safer ones, at least.

The bourse’s regulatory arm plans to end quarterly earnings reporting requirements that currently apply to all companies with a market capitalization of at least S$75 million ($56 million), according to Tan Boon Gin, the chief executive officer of Singapore Exchange Regulation.

When the rule change takes effect on Feb. 7, only riskier companies will need to report earnings every three months, Tan said at a press briefing. SGX RegCo will also tighten other disclosure rules and introduce a new whistleblowing policy as part of efforts to protect investors, Tan added.

Other global exchanges have moved away from mandating quarterly reporting for all their companies. The European Union ended its requirement in 2013, while Hong Kong only applies the rule to companies on its small-cap exchange. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission is currently reviewing the issue. ”Internationally…

Coronavirus Impact On Local Stocks

How should one play the "coronavirus" as an investor? Should we even invest at all? Isn't there something "not quite right" about making money out of certain people's sufferings? If you bought certain stocks which jumped owing to the coronavirus, is it evil to think in your heart that the longer the virus spreads, the better my returns?

So what is ethical investing anyway? Do these funds shy away from these healthcare-related counters? Do you buy and hold fire extinguisher companies that benefited enormously from the unrelenting Aussie bushfire??? Where do you draw the line? Do you even bother in the first place?

Hence, my views here are not an indication of my values barometer. I assess these stocks as an investment option. How the situation develops is part of the fundamentals' story. So, please, leave your principles, values, morality and political correctness behind.

Momentum Investing

You can try to rationalize why you shouldn't jump in, but you ca…

Talking About ICON

ICON went limit up for the wrong reasons. Some are saying its because the terms were so convoluted and that not many know how to calculate the capital reduction.

PLEASE, this is not your first rodeo, this is not the first capital reduction exercise. You are all supposed to be professional investors or advisors.

The limit up was obviously caused by the 50 into one capital reduction. A simple calculation showed that ICON had 2.377bn shares. Divide that by 50 = 47.5 million shares. That must be close to the fewest number of shares listed by a company on Bursa.

The complaining parties ARE those who SOLD SHORT unwittingly. Imagine you had 100,000 prior to the ex date. It was trading at 4 sen, you value was RM4,000, and as with 99.9999% of ICON investors, you had lost money already big time.

Then you woke up and saw the price going limit up.

(0.035 x 50) + (100 × 0.105) ÷ 101 = 0.12

Add the 30 sen limit up, you have 42 sen, today add another 30 sen you have 72 sen.

As you can see even at 72 sen, w…