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London Biscuits - The Only Value Left Is In The Name

Let's look at the demise or downhill run by London Biscuits. We may then be able to see the various permutations involved and announced. How investors should react and so on.


2019 February, London Biscuits’ external auditors Nexia SSY had expressed a qualified opinion on the group’s financial statements for the financial year ended Sept 30, 2018 (FY18). It had raised concern on the group’s physical inventories held at Sept 30, 2018, which were stated in the statements as RM26.89 million at the group level and RM20.79 million at the company level,
(LESSON: any kind of qualified opinion, one should sell first... our professional accountants are loathed to qualify anything unless its really necessary ... sell first then do research later, a lot of time to buy back if you were wrong)

On July 8, London Biscuits slipped into PN17 status after it defaulted on a RM9.8 million in loan payment to Bank of Nova Scotia Bhd,

(July 3), London Biscuits said that its executive director Datuk R…

My Own Comics

A few years back, on the official Dilbert site, you could pick any strips and put in your own words to create your own comic strips. I did quite a few. Hey, maybe I could make a living writing for a good cartoonist. Sadly the site does not allow "user creativity" anymore.