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2011 Prediction For Markets

As the year draws to a close, I get more and more queries as to what's in store for 2011. My view is that I think we will have a super bull market in most of Asia and other emerging markets.

What we had in 2010 is by and large still muted and did not have the requisite liquidity participation by private investors. 2010 was largely dominated by funds flow and institutional rebalancing.

In Malaysia, retail participation was still low. There is no doubt that there is ample liquidity on the sidelines, although much of it is actually in properties. Those in it would have had a fantastic run over the last 4-5 years, more incredibly brushing aside the global financial crisis merrily along the way.

Having a view is easy, justifying it is harder. Even if I can justify it brilliantly, if it does not come true, its pretty pathetic to me. Hence predicting and having it come to reality is more important than justifying or arguing it well.

So, what is the basis for my views, they are not that impor…

Have You Been To Lan Je?

I think this restaurant needs little introduction. They have one signature dish, the steamed tilapia (fei chou yue). They do not drown the fish with much soya sauce or cooked oil. Its loaded with ginger and hot chillies. Owing to the turnover, you can bet that the produce is very fresh. You don't get the mud-after-taste which is prevalent for this kind of fish. You can have normal or spicy, trust me, take the normal, the spicy one will be way too much chilli padi all over. The over generous amount of ginger is a trademark, will make you hot but ginger is good for you anyway.

The salty prawns is a decent dish as well. As it is probably farmed prawns, the taste of the prawns lacked something but its crunchy and pretty good overall.

Or you can go to their 4 other restaurants, two in Cheras and the HQ at Rawang. The other is in Kepong I think. The other dishes worth sampling are: fansueyip, and probably the kungpo chicken (as I saw many tables ordering that).
27-28, Block C, Jala…

Now We Are On To Something ... Malaysian Football

Finally, after years and years head shaking by Malaysians whenever we talk of the national or state football teams, we now have something to sink our teeth in. Its very easy to be critical of everything when asked why Malaysian actual footballing standard is nowhere near the average Malaysian's passion for the game. First let's get some common questions/doubts/assertions out of the way:

a) the best years are behind us - that's a bullshit sentiment, it all depends on what we put in, its never too late to change or modify our ways, if we keep a negative attitude... that kind of defeatist attitude will get everybody nowhere but a dead end

b) K. Rajagopal - for the past 15 years, there is no better coach than K. Rajagopal, authorities please bear that in mind

c) racial imbalance - is there a racial imbalance in the current squad, well yes... but nobody should really complain because many Chinese do not play football after their teenage years, its worse now with the proliferation…

A Blessed Christ-mass To All Readers

My favourite song for Christmas time has always been Grown Up Christmas List ever since I heard Amy Grant sang it years ago. She was the original singer even though you could find many artistes covering it now (Michael Buble, Kelly Clarkson and Natalie Cole, to name a few). The song was composed by David Foster and Linda Thompson Jenner. At a time when we are busy buying and receiving presents, or maybe take it as an opportunity to drink too much, we get lost in all the merriment. Its the birthday of Jesus, does anybody know what he wants for his birthday?

Too often the church and fellow Christians fail to share the message of Christmas, we get all caught up in the theology. While we trumpet the need to be "saved", the underlying message is to bring mankind together and lookout for each other. We try to hate the sin but love the sinner ... but at times I wonder "where is the love"? When we judge others' lifestyles, sexual preferences, ... how we treat our fello…

Marketocracy Portfolio As At 22 December 2010

price history SMFm100 S&P 500 DJIA NasdaqGraph Period: [7 Days] [30 Days] [90 Days] [6 Months] [1 Year] [2 Years] [3 Years]
[4 Years] [5 Years] [Since Inception] recent returns vs. major indexes BeatingTodayMTDQTDYTDSMF1.02%8.26%13.20%17.02%S&P 5000.60%5.73%9.76%14.03%DOW0.48%4.29%6.40%10.07%Nasdaq0.68%6.06%11.86%16.76%
recent returns RETURNSLast Week1.17% Last Month6.82% Last 3 Months14.72% Last 6 Months20.57% Last 12 Months18.88% Last 2 Years110.06%

Empire@Subang Jaya and Di Wei

The newish Empire shopping mall @ Subang is one snazzy place. Its not too big and parking is not too bad (for now). There are not that many chain stores which gives the place a bit of character. There's the hair salon on 3rd floor that gives you an iPad to play with while getting your hair done (yes, they have more than a few laying around). The Loaf is there at the foodie floor and you must check out the other end, a little cafe that serves great coffee and macaroons and stuff. There is a place called Vanilla on the top floor that serves the best lasagna, ready made for take home as well.

Then there is this funky Chinese restaurant Di Wei (Royal Taste/Cuisine). Its modern Chinese decor will unsettle your senses but the food is usually good to pretty good. They have an unbelievable Christmas set dinner - tell you the price at the end.

This has to be the tastiest lormaifan ever, its very light and mini, could have 3 of these.

There's your veggies and pork rib (the cod fish ran out…

US Trade Deficit and China

While many have been harping about the US trade deficit and the role China has in it, that has been the key argument to support a stronger yuan. However, the reality is quite different. I have said before that about 60%-70% of China's exports are actually produced and manufactured by foreign companies operating in China. The WSJ has a brilliant article on the iPhone trade imbalance and perception. Two academic researchers estimate that Apple Inc.'s iPhone—one of the best-selling U.S. technology products—actually added $1.9 billion to the U.S. trade deficit with China last year, officially.How is this possible? The researchers say traditional ways of measuring global trade produce the number but fail to reflect the complexities of global commerce where the design, manufacturing and assembly of products often involve several countries. A distorted picture is the result, they say, one that exaggerates trade imbalances between nations. Trade statistics in both countries consider t…

Great Fish Head Meehoon Soup

Some of you have commented that I only feature expensive eating places. Not really, if you scroll back, you will find Shin Kee beef noodle @ Petaling Street, Ah Sang bak kut teh @ Sungei Way, Hing Ket grill house @ Klang, etc.

This time, I am recommending this great place for premium Fish Head Meehoon soup. Its at Damansara Kim.

Location of GPS listed below.

The soup base is just right, the fish head is of a high quality hence the premium prices. Try their grilled salmon as well, its very juicy and delicious. Remember to order a plate of fried fish skin to put into the meehoon soup, its a must.

GPS Location:
N 03'08.089'
E 101'37.747'

What IMF and ECB Talk About In Private

IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn (left) talks to ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet during a euro zone finance ministers meeting in Brussels December 6, 2010.

IMF Khan: Its OK, them throwing stuff at you does not mean they don't like you.

ECB Trichet: I hate my job, I should have just retired and watch football, I don't need this crap. You told me this was a cushy job dude,... I hate you too.

IMF Khan: Look at it this way, don't you feel good to have people begging you to do stuff, pleading you to give them money ... at our age, its good to be needed.

ECB Trichet: Yeah, I guess so ... but there is so much work, one country after another... Greece was OK, cause nobody really cared about Greece, and I probably get to buy a holiday home at Mykanos much cheaper next year too ... but the Irish whinge and whinge .. I told them that their banks need their bondholders to agree to haircuts... and guess what, the French and Germans started shouting into my ears that if we do that, they w…

Hajime, Still My Fav Japanese Restaurant In KL

Some may have thought it was going to be tough for an all Malaysian operated Japanese restaurant to survive for so long, and at premium prices to boot. Be prepared to spend RM180-250pp and you will have a triumphant dinner. I am there at least twice a month and my visit last Saturday was sublime.

This may look like a dirty/sexy picture to some, but actually is half the scallop as a sushi.

I initially though this was a waste of toro to be done in a soup, but this toro-leek broth presents a wonderful way to taste toro.

The very seasonal asago fish.

Extremely delicious snack, grilled stingray bones.

The shima aji was sooo sweet and fresh.

Possibly the best black sesame ice cream anywhere, with tons of freshly roasted black and white sesame seed, you can taste the essence of sesame through and through. Their pomelo sorbet is another you must have, its like the whole pomelo in one scoop and they even incorporated the sensual bitterness of pomelo skin into it as well.

Just look at the size of the …