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Great Fish Head Meehoon Soup

Some of you have commented that I only feature expensive eating places. Not really, if you scroll back, you will find Shin Kee beef noodle @ Petaling Street, Ah Sang bak kut teh @ Sungei Way, Hing Ket grill house @ Klang, etc.

This time, I am recommending this great place for premium Fish Head Meehoon soup. Its at Damansara Kim.

Location of GPS listed below.

The soup base is just right, the fish head is of a high quality hence the premium prices. Try their grilled salmon as well, its very juicy and delicious. Remember to order a plate of fried fish skin to put into the meehoon soup, its a must.

GPS Location:
N 03'08.089'
E 101'37.747'


bOcy said…
one of your recommendation: king pie

really like it, but they're not at 1u anymore
solomon said…
Sure will try this week. The fish skin looks finger lickin good. Was looking at this company, this worth a bowl of fish head noodle? See u back in Ipoh one day.
Khoo Beng Kiat said…
dali, kindly cover SBagan as it's a cash rich company. What say you?

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