Monday, December 06, 2010

Hajime, Still My Fav Japanese Restaurant In KL

Some may have thought it was going to be tough for an all Malaysian operated Japanese restaurant to survive for so long, and at premium prices to boot. Be prepared to spend RM180-250pp and you will have a triumphant dinner. I am there at least twice a month and my visit last Saturday was sublime.

This may look like a dirty/sexy picture to some, but actually is half the scallop as a sushi.

I initially though this was a waste of toro to be done in a soup, but this toro-leek broth presents a wonderful way to taste toro.

The very seasonal asago fish.

Extremely delicious snack, grilled stingray bones.

The shima aji was sooo sweet and fresh.

Possibly the best black sesame ice cream anywhere, with tons of freshly roasted black and white sesame seed, you can taste the essence of sesame through and through. Their pomelo sorbet is another you must have, its like the whole pomelo in one scoop and they even incorporated the sensual bitterness of pomelo skin into it as well.

Just look at the size of the scallops.
The hard to get hiramae. The hirame fin sushi, which is more crunchy.
The larger than normal sized prawns sashimi, before.
The after, break off the heads, pour some hot sake and suck/crunch the whole head - heavenly.
The huge Japanese oysters freshly shucked.

Taken from eatdrinkkl, I didn't have this recently, but did before and thought it should feature: the hedonistic salmon belly-foie gras with truffle oil.


emacro said...

Aussies are fithting to save 2nd Ashes Test match at Adelaide Oval...

Choong said...

Wow, the half scallop carries strong subliminal message, recommended dish for guys who want to score points with their dates... can definitely use this as a casual starter conversation ...that leads to ...later in the evening. wink wink

Might just do that. thanks you for the recommendation. Cheers

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