Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Empire@Subang Jaya and Di Wei

The newish Empire shopping mall @ Subang is one snazzy place. Its not too big and parking is not too bad (for now). There are not that many chain stores which gives the place a bit of character. There's the hair salon on 3rd floor that gives you an iPad to play with while getting your hair done (yes, they have more than a few laying around). The Loaf is there at the foodie floor and you must check out the other end, a little cafe that serves great coffee and macaroons and stuff. There is a place called Vanilla on the top floor that serves the best lasagna, ready made for take home as well.

Then there is this funky Chinese restaurant Di Wei (Royal Taste/Cuisine). Its modern Chinese decor will unsettle your senses but the food is usually good to pretty good. They have an unbelievable Christmas set dinner - tell you the price at the end.

This has to be the tastiest lormaifan ever, its very light and mini, could have 3 of these.

There's your veggies and pork rib (the cod fish ran out). Decent.

Thin turkey chop in black pepper sauce, surprisingly very good. There's also the prawns dish which was forgettable.

Are we in a museum? The chairs a bit modern, the longest chopsticks you have ever used, and wait till you see the lighted catwalk in the middle.

Abalone, wukai, dried scallop and meat - very very soothing. This soup alone I'd be willing to pay RM35.
The whole shebang: RM98++ ... but will last till 23 Dec only. They even let me substitute the dessert for my fav ginger tea with sesame tongyuen and my companion switched to thunsuetyee, great tasting. Oh, and you also get a glass of red or white wine, I told you this was modern Chinese!!! Merry Christ-mass!!!


solomon said...

Did u come for Humbug?

vinclee83 said...

yummy ! Must try !

vinclee83 said...

yummy !

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