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Uber/Grab and Uber/Didi - Further Examination Of The Deal

Grab is now well on its way to a lucrative IPO following the Uber deal. The deal makes so much sense for all. Uber divested its China ops to Didi and got a substantial stake, the same with Grab. By opting out of the fight, basically it elevated both Didi and Grab into highly listable vehicles.
Mega-potential tech IPOs are getting better at financial acumenship.  Its not always market share. The key is by opting out, Uber need to spend so much  less to burn in those regions. What you do not burn, it goes straight to the bottom line. Secondly, you get equity stakes that elevate your inherent "assets",  which will further lift your own valuation. Thirdly, the moves will allow Didi and Grab to attain much better IPO valuations. Fourthly, it will lock up "regions" for each of them, so as to not needing to fight them tooth and nail in every corner of the globe.
However, this strategy should only work if there are truly just the two of you in a market. If you wish to duc…

Wineknot - Sublime, Subliminal, Substance

Wine bars are aplenty in KL. What makes a wine bar better than the rest? 


If you want to speak of wine selection, thats a fair comment, but seriously, wine bars do not produce wine. Oh, you mean you have a skilled curator or sommelier ... (the latter is almost unnecessary unless you are talking about a 5 star or Michelin starred restaurant with an enormous selection to start with). 

What I am saying, getting a good variety of wines is not difficult, just peruse a few wine review magazines religiously, and try to stock up on those rated 85-88 or higher, further filtered by their prices (as most of wines consumed in wine bars has to be priced between RM150-400) ... just for show, include 10% of your selection of those between RM800-2,000... and you are on your way to becoming a more than decent wine bar. Another trick is to have very few of the first growth, aim for the second/third for value pricing.

Recently, I was introduced to Wineknot @ Taman Desa. To me, it probably i…

People Who Bitch About Good Hawker Food Prices


(I meant "good hawker food", if they were no good, you would walk away, no need to bitch):

so you are questioning how much margin he/she should make... on a bowl of labour/passion, that is your favourite... why we never question what the margin is for I Phone ... or concert tickets... 

but we would question the humble hawker, the vegetable seller who brings his products from the farm... the langsat seller from the back of his truck... 

we happily pay 400% margin to big ticket items but will squeeze the 20-30% or even 50% down for genuine strivers

or is it that we think hawker food should be affordable .... says WHO?? ... this is not socialism or communism ok... good hawker food are not essential items ... think its too expensive, don't buy... just like your I Phone ... eat bread, or better still fucking cook it yourself

We seemed to think that we have a NEED to CAP their fucking salary... would you like me to cap your salary!!??.. 

Is …

Meet Your Second Wife

Saturday Night Live... fun show with elements of adult humour, poking fun at politics and celebrities. Every now and then they hit the nail on the head with a superb sketch on "Meet Your Second Wife". The truths and facts that no one wants to examine or be examined. Its achingly funny but also instructive and enlightening at the same time. Enjoy ...