Tuesday, March 06, 2018

People Who Bitch About Good Hawker Food Prices


(I meant "good hawker food", if they were no good, you would walk away, no need to bitch):

so you are questioning how much margin he/she should make... on a bowl of labour/passion, that is your favourite... why we never question what the margin is for I Phone ... or concert tickets... 

but we would question the humble hawker, the vegetable seller who brings his products from the farm... the langsat seller from the back of his truck... 

we happily pay 400% margin to big ticket items but will squeeze the 20-30% or even 50% down for genuine strivers

or is it that we think hawker food should be affordable .... says WHO?? ... this is not socialism or communism ok... good hawker food are not essential items ... think its too expensive, don't buy... just like your I Phone ... eat bread, or better still fucking cook it yourself

We seemed to think that we have a NEED to CAP their fucking salary... would you like me to cap your salary!!??.. 

Is it that we have a mindset that hawkers should never, ever, fucking earn RM10,000 or RM30,000 or RM50,000 a month??!! Check your prejudices.


YC Chai said...

Bravo !

YC Chai said...

Bravo !

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