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Dolly Dimsum - Concept Well Executed

Whoever the owners are, they have done a fantastic job. They have managed to get so many things "right". The halal dimsum concept does not really attract me at first, I mean, quite a number of dishes required pork or pork lard. However I was pleasantly surprised - and also there are a lot of Malays who actually love dimsum.

First outlet at Avenue K. If you cannot get there, there is a new outlet at Nu Sentral.

Things they got right:

1. Decor - its modern chic meets understated Nyonya Baba, I esp like the latter part. Too often when its Nyonya Baba the whole shebang screams at you. The ambience is wonderful. Its not "expensive" and neither is it cheap. Just inviting.

2. Food range - good extensive list. Can take out the beancurd roll in sweet and sour sauce - does not belong anywhere on earth.

3. Most items were pretty good to excellent. The TDF item (to die for) has to be the Egg Custard Bun (salted egg caramel filling). Its heavenly. The hargau was exceptional too.

4. S…

Must Watch Cantopop Concert June

If you like Cantopop, and you like to support amazing local talent ... you must go to this concert.

1 st & 2nd June 2016 @ NoBlackTie ... 9pm-11pm

Cover: RM60 without drinks

Trust me, she is my god- daughter ...

Borneo Asian Food by Sugarbun (Opens 9 May2016)

Let's be honest here, most of us who have visited East Malaysia find it hard to get good food there. Its not that they do not exist but rather we do not know where they are located. Sugarbun has had a long history and footprint in East Malaysia. However it is not the usual Sugarbun outlet that is opening here. Its the holistic approach to present very good East Malaysian food types in the form of a multi station restaurant concept, Borneo Asian Food.

I had the opportunity to taste almost every single item on the menu the other day for "food tasting". Here I have to say that I have not been paid to write this and actually they did not even ask me to blog about this.

A lot of thought and planning has gone behind the dishes, though most are simple stuff but the ingredients are well sourced with plenty from eco farms in Sabah. Trust me when I say the fish dishes were superb. It will probably take you 3-4 visits to try all dishes but its worth it.

I think Borneo Asian Food will …

Eye In The Sky - Must Watch

This has to be one of the best films I have watched for the last few years. Not only was it entertaining, it had so much more to offer the audience.

Firstly, kudos to Malaysian government for not tinkering with the movie, heck if it was banned... most would kinda understand. To allow the movie in says a lot, in a good way. That we understand fanatics and we are against them.

The premise of the story is simple enough. Kill off a few on the top of wanted list, who happens to be radicals sending suicide bombers all over. Hence the subject matter is already relevant. But the movie brought it home to us in terms of recklessness, sheer insanity of the motive, and the depth of collateral damage.

Its kinda like James Bond except there is no James Bond. The acting was superb. What was supposed to be a simple target and kill turned into a humanity vs military professionalism vs diplomatic mess. Very real indeed.

How critical decisions cannot be made in a committee. What is responsibility, what is r…