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Dolly Dimsum - Concept Well Executed

Whoever the owners are, they have done a fantastic job. They have managed to get so many things "right". The halal dimsum concept does not really attract me at first, I mean, quite a number of dishes required pork or pork lard. However I was pleasantly surprised - and also there are a lot of Malays who actually love dimsum.

First outlet at Avenue K. If you cannot get there, there is a new outlet at Nu Sentral.

Things they got right:

1. Decor - its modern chic meets understated Nyonya Baba, I esp like the latter part. Too often when its Nyonya Baba the whole shebang screams at you. The ambience is wonderful. Its not "expensive" and neither is it cheap. Just inviting.

2. Food range - good extensive list. Can take out the beancurd roll in sweet and sour sauce - does not belong anywhere on earth.

3. Most items were pretty good to excellent. The TDF item (to die for) has to be the Egg Custard Bun (salted egg caramel filling). Its heavenly. The hargau was exceptional too.

4. Service staff well trained and service was swift unless its peak lunch hours.

5. Tea selection was well thought out, not your low-grade stuff. Prices overall is akin to "city dining prices", not cheap but not overly expensive.

Overall, very well done.

Avenue K outlet opens at 11am, Nu Sentral outlet opens at 10am. I would go during weekends (early) for unobtrusive service and less crowds.


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