Sunday, May 01, 2016

Eye In The Sky - Must Watch

This has to be one of the best films I have watched for the last few years. Not only was it entertaining, it had so much more to offer the audience.

Firstly, kudos to Malaysian government for not tinkering with the movie, heck if it was banned... most would kinda understand. To allow the movie in says a lot, in a good way. That we understand fanatics and we are against them.

The premise of the story is simple enough. Kill off a few on the top of wanted list, who happens to be radicals sending suicide bombers all over. Hence the subject matter is already relevant. But the movie brought it home to us in terms of recklessness, sheer insanity of the motive, and the depth of collateral damage.

Its kinda like James Bond except there is no James Bond. The acting was superb. What was supposed to be a simple target and kill turned into a humanity vs military professionalism vs diplomatic mess. Very real indeed.

How critical decisions cannot be made in a committee. What is responsibility, what is reprehensible. There is the commander, there are the politicians, the pilot who pulls the trigger ... you replace them with a different person... each will have differing levels of "humanity vs professionalism" that they bring to the job. 

Its a MUST SEE because it is highly entertaining, gripping ... yet make us all rethink the sheer madness of fanatics, and the awful collateral damage. As someone said about the recent suicide bombings ... it is no longer adequate to call them "suicide bombers".

Go watch the bloody movie.

btw .. Helen Mirren was outstanding.

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