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Our Archaic Bankruptcy Laws Need Immediate Attention

I think I have posted on our archaic bankruptcy laws more than 4x already over the past 10 years. Our bankruptcy laws are archaic and unnecessarily favors the banks/finance companies. The trouble with our system is that bankruptcy runs in perpetuity (i.e. almost never ending till you die). Unlike in HK, Singapore and many forward-thinking economies where you only have 4 or 5 years to pay down your debt and after that, you are free from the debts.

Why is it so important to implement a limited period for bankruptcy?

1) Being bankrupt means you are also literally removing around 5-8% of the working public and 5-8% of households from participating in the real economy. Cannot do business, cannot get loans, even job hunting may be a problem every now and then.

2) The Malaysian archaic system overly favors the banks and financial lending institutions. When it is in perpetuity, the banks can clamp down on you for the rest of your life. We have to make banks and other lenders also responsible for…

RM22.5B Property Sale - Implications

Let's see how fast can the research analysts and fund managers react. RM22.5b property sale is nothing to snigger at. It is anticipated that there will be 180 property developers participating.

Of course, we are not going to clear the bulk of it. We are talking of over 30,000 properties. Each buyer will be another "potential buyer" off the market for normal property launches.

We can expect hefty discounts and even at bargain prices. There are 180 developers, how will you stand out. There are only so many buyers. One buyer for another property is buyer lost to the developers. Developers have been asked to offer at least a 10% discount. I can foresee even some will sell at a slight loss just so to improve their capital management and cash flow.

There will be repercussions and implications. How will banks and finance companies view the lending part? Will they be expected to "loosen their lending guidelines"? What about Bank Negara, which has been making it tough (nec…

What Should We Make Of Prestariang

I hate it when people give tips or stocks' potential based on "insiders' information". How is that a fair situation? What about the rest of investors who do diligent research and still get knocked about by these "insider informants". Can you still be a good investor based on publicly available information? We can only try.


Prestariang has had a very dramatic last 6 months. It could easily fill a business book by Michael Lewis... and that's just based on public information. If Michael Lewis gets to interview a few of the deemed players, it should be a great best seller.

SKIN was the project which was awarded on 18 July 2017, and the stock was around RM2.00 around that time. Now it's about 16% of that level. The project is a 15-year concession and will consist of three years of build and deployment phase and 12 years of maintenance and technical operation phase. 

Payment to Prestariang was to only commence upon the full commissioning of the s…

Asset Class Returns 2018

Suffice to say, when the big boys rumble, its never good for the small ones.  The table below showed the best place to have put your money in 2018 was in CASH.

The next best performers were bonds. Even REITs produced negative returns. This being a USA centric table of assets, the worst two performers were International Stocks and Emerging Market equities.
The only solace I can get from the table is that every time EM loses more than 10% a year, the next year will see double-digit positive returns for EM. Have a look at 2011/2012, 2015/2016 ... and since EM lost 14.3% in 2018... chances are high for a sharp rebound in 2019.
Could this be chance, coincidence or what?? There is more to big data, sometimes we can decipher patterns and in them lays deeper truths which we may or may not be able to uncover. 
Happy Year of the PIG, I think ....

Discovering Tom Waits

It was so gratifying and exhilarating to discover a musical artiste, who somehow bypassed me all throughout 70s and 80s. Listening to Tom Waits patiently is so addictive and calming. The brilliant composer and cutting poet should be heard by more people.

There are about 20 albums he has issued and his repertoire was quite varied with blues, jazz, folk influences. The best place to start has to be his Anthology of Tom Waits, possibly one of my top 3 favourite albums of all time now, suddenly.

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How Small Is Your God

I have always wanted to write a short book on HOW SMALL IS YOUR GOD. Any religion, any religion... that has a God by definition, needs to appreciate the kind of God they worship. We look around, plenty of religious people get offended at the slightest agitation.

How small is your God ... who would take offense at Human 'Wrongdoings' or non-believers' 'wrongdoings or insensitivities' ... Why do you get angry on behalf of your God... how small is your God that he/she cannot see through human frailties, lies, deceits, misbehavior, insolence, immaturity, rebellious streaks, impudence, egos, arrogance, ... HOW SMALL IS YOUR GOD???

I am certain your God will be more than capable of fighting his/her own battles. If you wish to get angry, be angry, just voice it, move on, and God will take care of the rest. Do get to know your own God before you even try to get angry on his/her behalf.…

Amazing Photos That Capture The Malaysian "Kampung Spirit" by Mohd Nazri Sulaiman aka Dallah Deen

These amazing photos of a young boy in Terengganu playing with buffaloes were taken by Malaysian photographer Mohd Nazri Sulaiman aka Dallah Deen. The image below, titled “Sharing Emotion”, even managed to win the grand prize in IOA’s Street/People category! He was also deemed Photographer of The Year by the Asian Geographic magazine. 

The kid in the photos was 14 years old Mohd Syukur Khamis (Thank God Its Thursday??!!). The buffaloes were reared by his father and he seemed to have a special connection with them.

These images totally captured the kampung spirit of running wild with nature and its beings. Very Malaysian indeed.

These images evoke feelings of days gone by, where time sometimes stood still and at the same time rush past us like fleeting memories trying to catch the light of yesteryear. 

People and businesses who wish to contact the photographer please do so:

CONTACT INFO Call 0109222680

Stocks For 2019 - A Discussion

This is merely a discussion and not an invite or recommendation to buy or sell any stocks. Yes, Bursa and SC do look at what I write, even when most of what I write is for the benefit of all investors. It is also good that investors and regulators alike are nowadays more circumspect of potential shenanigans. 

I do think 2019 will be a much better year for stocks locally. Almost anything that could have gone haywire,  have. 

Oil Prices
Palm Oil
Caught up in international trade wars
Property slump

Since the election, we have been bombarded, necessarily, by the implosions in:

Tabung Haji Fund
Bank Pembangunan questionable loans
Bank Negara land deal
LGM's "forced" land deal that profited MOF and had EPF as the end buyer

...the government needs to step up do positive market-boosting measures. That is because, for the past 6 months, almost every single thing has been negative, restrictive, constrictive, regressive, deflating for economic activity ... even though many of the mea…