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Being Human & Humane

I have said this time and again... money cannot buy EMPATHY or BASIC HUMAN DECENCY. I think there should be a test before a family can hire a maid. So many people have revealed what assholes they are by the way they treat their maids. 

I have seen maids standing next to the restaurant table because there was no more space to seat them. The family and friends continued to eat. What do you think the kids will be thinking? They'd be thinking that "there are certain human beings that can be treated differently for they are lesser of a person" - and they will carry that mindset throughout their lives in every facet.  I'd rather eat somewhere else where the food is less tasty. The examples of pathetic behaviour by employers are too many to mention in one posting.

I voiced my opinion as above and many people will say to me that you cannot trust your maids, that they might steal or run away. Oh, you mean, they are human and can act badly like you and me? How would you like if …

Oh My Valentine, Please Sign The Prenup!!!

Let's take religion out of this first. There are obviously going to be two sides to this issue. In favour: they are being realistic as at least 40%-50% of all marriages end in divorce depending on which country data you are taking, and you want things to be easier for both sides if it should end, the amount of time spent wrangling in divorce courts is such a waste of time. Not in favour: destroys the very essence of marriage (lifelong concept); dilutes the importance of marriage, partnership, trust and romance.


Straits Times: 'Prenuptial deals: Court clears the air', as the validity of prenuptial contracts (prenups) are on the minds of many young couples thinking of tying the knot. The divorce of the Dutchman and his Swedish wife generated much interest here as, before this landmark case, the courts had not indicated specifically whether such prenups should be upheld. Since the couple had entered the prenup before a notary, such an agreement shoul…

Ngui Chap Wong @ Plaza Damas

It's location prob made it hard to be discovered. It's at Plaza Damas but not inside the mall. It's among the rows of shops outside the mall. It's on the higher floor as well, same row as Blue Cow butcher. If u like beef stew ... it's vg. The broth is more like thick soup with deep beefy flavours. The beef parts are well stewed n melts in your mouth. 8.5/10 @Ngui Chap Wong Cafe .. n they do cold pressed juices too.

You see the little plate of chilli,... wanted to call for more but I thought I try first. Damn... it was strong, shocking right for beef stew, and that small amount was sufficient for the whole bowl.

Their last day will be CNY eve lunch only. They will be back open TUESDAY 31 January (4th day CNY) ...when most other shops will be closed. Hint, hint.

CLSA FengShui Predictions 2017

After a fowl year in 2016, how will you and the Hang Seng Index fare  with the plucky Rooster in 2017? Our 23rd Feng Shui guide offers an  alternative look at what’s in store this year to help the luck flow in your  direction.
Feng Shui masters are valued in the Orient by those looking to foretell  the future. If you're running a hedge fund, no doubt you'll take our  sorcerer’s view on the year ahead with a pinch of salt, but curiosity if  not superstition may get the better of you. 
So scroll on down and chick out all manner of forecasts for the year  ahead. Our longstanding health warning holds: don’t get your feathers  ruffled and take it too seriously! - CLSA

Bank Negara May Have Switched On A Bull Run

Post Published: 5 Dec 2016
Update:When I wrote the post, the majority canned my piece. But this is not a "I told you so" thing. It is so easy to be a critic, let's see how many would be willing to call me and say they were wrong. I bet you very few. When you post an opinion, the internet is a ghastly thing - it allows for unfettered brickbats that has little or no justification or arguments except "I don't think that's true". Is this all ego and pride? Do we all want "acknowledgement" and "praise"? Having a blog for 10 years, I have seen enough. I am also OK when people disagree but at least show some decency and point out why when you disagree. I don't need to be right all the time but at least I dare to say it and put it out there. The world is not all bar room talk... talk cock and thats it, nobody remembers. Make it count, people.

p/s the bull run has started on the local bourse a few days back...

The brave new rules in a brave …