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A Brilliant Deal For Axiata, Celcom and PUC - Malaysia's Largest Listed Internet Commerce Entity

Next week on 26th April, PUC will be holding its EGM to approve the acquisition of a 33% stake in Pictureworks, which comes with guaranteed profits for two years. PUC sprang a surprise just prior to the important EGM by disclosing the deal with 11th Street. In one fell swoop, we basically have the largest listed internet commerce entity in Malaysia. 

Can anybody say that internet commerce will not grow even more significantly in Malaysia over the next 2, 5, 10 years? Well, how can anyone "participate" in that growth in a listed vehicle? Now you have it.

Ask yourself, can you buy a stake in Lazada or Shopee or even Zalora??? Yes, maybe when they actually list. Plus when they do, you can be sure the valuations will be astronomical (in the billions of USD).

Lazada, is backed by Ant Financial and Alibaba. Enough said.

Shopee is backed by Garena Group. Garena is backed by Tencent.

Celcom Planet Sdn Bhd is a joint venture between ADS and SKP, which owns and operates an e-commerce platf…

Trade Wars - Sense & Sensibilities

My view: I like it that China has retaliated tit for tat, because there is no way a trade war will be good for either country. The fact that China did that will actually hasten the "end" to the trade wars quickly. Trump will now have to sit down and negotiate a kinda truce. 

The emerging markets selldown has been way overdone, a kneejerk reaction which has lowered average PE valuations of emerging markets to a 2 year low. I agree with strategists who called this a great opportunity for "all-in" into emerging markets, buying on this dip.


Some of the talking heads on the same issue (as reported by Bloomberg):
Simon Smiles, chief investment officer at UBS Wealth Management for ultra-high net worth clients, said the potential market overreaction gives further reason for money managers to buy into weakness. “We’re all-in, in terms of the growth impulse, in terms of the relative valuations and that’s against a backdrop of being constructive …