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Every Decade Sure To Have Their Very Own "Dr. Doom"

We usually will laud the bullish experts who got things right. Many will despise the naysayers, the bearish buggers who seem to be always pessimistic. However, some of them have been prescient in their big calls, and deserve to be applauded. You will find them being tagged as the Dr. Dooms, and every decade seems to have a major one. As a Dr. Doom, they will shout loudest when they feel strongly about something going wrong, but usually you will not hear from them when markets turn bullish - not that they do not like bull runs, but its their attention to detail and them usually having a very high disposition to fear that will cause them not to issue buy signals even they see them. Hence when its bullish, and they are quiet, its good. When its bullish and they keep getting louder, its bad.

Not all of them are as good as the title may hint at. I have rated them out of 10, 10 being excellent.

Dr. Henry Kaufman - Dr. Doom of the 1970s & early 80s (my rating 8.5/10)
He was well-known durin…

Facebook Buys Malaysia's Octazen Solutions

(Excerpts culled from , , )
Facebook has bought up under-the-radar Octazen Solutions in what the company says is a “small talent acquisition.”
Facebook spokesperson Larry Yu described the buy as a “talent acquisition,” saying Octazen’s two employees have joined Facebook as engineers. As he put it in a company statement on the acquisition he sent via email: “We’ve admired the engineering team’s efforts for some time now and this is part of our ongoing effort to add experienced, accomplished technical talent to help drive the company forward in its efforts to be the central way for people to connect and share information.”Octazen’s software helps sites like Facebook grow by making it easy for users to invite their contacts on other services. When Octazen receives an email address and password it fetches a list of contacts and puts them in an array for customers to use and store (and hopefully not abuse!). Octazen has taken down most of its site…

Fed Raises Discount Rate

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- The Federal Reserve announced late Thursday that it was raising its discount rate in order to push banks to borrow from the private market for short-term credit. In a statement, the Fed said it would raise its discount, or primary credit rate, to 0.75% from 0.50% effective on Friday. Fed chairman Ben Bernanke signaled last week that the Fed was mulling the move. Fed watchers had expected the move to come at the next Fed meeting in March. Today's action shows a sense of urgency on the part of the Fed officials. The Fed said the move is intended to "normalize" their operations as the financial crisis winds down. The change is not a tightening and does not signal any change in monetary policy, the Fed said.


Fed Funds Rate Versus Discount Rate - the federal funds rate is the interest rate at which private depository institutions (mostly banks) lend balances (Federal funds) at the Federal Reserve to other depository institutio…

Marketocracy Portfolio Updated - February 15, 2010

Further updates to Salvador Dali Mutual Fund (SMF) at Marketocracy. Beating the S&P500 by 42.85 percentage points for the last 12 months.

Previous update:

price history

SMFm100 S&P 500 DJIA Nasdaq

Graph Period: [7 Days] [30 Days] [90 Days] [6 Months] [1 Year] [2 Years] [3 Years]
[4 Years] [5 Years] [Since Inception]

recent returns

RETURNSLast Week1.40% Last Month-7.81% Last 3 Months1.70% Last 6 Months3.74% Last 12 Months74.63% Last 2 YearsN/A Last 3 YearsN/A Last 5 YearsN/A Since Inception21.87% (Annualized)13.55%

Happy Chinese New Year To All

The exodus has begun .... have a healthy and prosperous New Year ... may all your dreams and good wishes come true!!! Drive safe & slow ...

Hing Ket Grill House

This is one of my preferred eating places. The reason why I have not featured it earlier is that this thing is too damn popular already, they do not need more publicity. As it is, if you go on Fridays or weekends, you better arrive before 7pm or you will walk away disappointed. Its comfort food. Its our very own kind of barbecue.

I am there at least once a month. Its in Klang but funnily many people from Klang have not been there. No, its not another bak-kut teh stall!!! Its an unpretentious grill house. Go with somebody who have been there, I beg you, its very difficult to locate.

I always sit outside the bungalow restaurant to enjoy the early evening alfresco dining. Nothing better than to go in shorts and T-shirt and sandals. Have a cool beer (plus dunk it in ice for that Malaysian-hawker-way of enjoying cold beer) and wait for the food. Plus, be prepared to eat with your fingers a lot, its a lot more fun.

Their number one dish is Grilled lamb chops. Its not a pricey place, and the la…

India's Economic Strength Compared To China

Why is China the “workshop of the world” when Indian labour is even cheaper and her entrepreneurs admired worldwide? There are many reasons, including (until recently) the anti-foreign-trade policies and small-scale industry reservation policies as well as poor infrastructure in power, roads, water and ports. Perhaps even more important are the restrictive labour laws and certain other regulations, which encourage Indian manufacturing units to “stay small”, thereby forgoing the classic industrial economies of scale and scope.

Both China and India have sizable population, both are seeing a growing middle class by improving the economic livelihood of those in the rural areas. Yet as an economic engine or superpower, India seems to be bogged down by certain factors. The biggest division is that one is state planned centralised economy while the other is probably to most democratised country in Asia with many "almost independently managed states". However, thats the big picture,…

Country Stock Markets Performance - Markets Diverging?

The markets have been wrought with worries about a few EU countries and the Euro currency which have rattled global equity markets. Sovereign debt credit default swaps have been rising sharply for countries such as Greece and Portugal in recent days. Equity markets in Spain, Portugal, and Hungary are down more than 5% today alone. Below Bespoke highlighted the year to date performance and performance since the 19 January 2010 peak for the major equity markets of 81 countries around the world.
Spain is down the most year to date with a decline of 13.45%. Greece is second worse with a decline of 11.13%, followed by Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Slovakia, and China. Italy, Germany, and France are down more than 5% year to date, while the UK is down 4.87%. The US is down 3.58%, but it has been the second best performing G-7 country year to date behind Japan. Thirty-eight of the 81 countries are still up year to date, so things haven't gotten that bad everywhere. Latvia, Lithuania, and E…

iPhone Winning Corporate Users

Those who have the iPhone will know what I am talking about. Once you have it, you'd never want to use any other phone. I survived the Blackberry sentence for 2 years, its no fun. The iPhone is the best ever, its a lot of fun, and its like having an iPod as well. Buy the docker/player and you have a good sound system while charging your phone as well. The iPhone's strength is also its main weakness. As app downloads are managed exclusively through the iTunes Store, IT managers can't centralise installation and security updates as with other software. Unlike Blackberry or Windows Mobile devices, each phone must be updated by its end user, even if update prompts are pushed to the device. But, the pull factors of iPhone are so great that more and more senior execs are pushing their IT department to cave in.
Gartner: The uber cool iPhone is making inroads into the business market with new enterprise applications making it hard for IT managers to swim against the phone's pop…

Michaelangelo's David Tour de USA

Michaelangelo's David was sent to the USA on a loan tour ....

After two years, David was returned to Italy ....

His Proud Sponsors were: