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Marketocracy Portfolio As At 27 August 2010

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SMFm100 S&P 500 DJIA Nasdaq

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-0.23%-3.55%4.16%-4.53%S&P 500-0.77%-4.75%1.92%-4.86%DOW-0.74%-4.59%2.17%-4.24%Nasdaq-1.07%-6.03%0.45%-6.63%
recent returns

RETURNSLast Week-3.57% Last Month-4.81% Last 3 Months-6.04% Last 6 Months-4.36% Last 12 Months

Tanah Pusaka by The Solianos

Readers of this blog will be aware of my strong support for Leslie from pop pop music label. His stable of artists have churned out excellent audiophile recordings by JZ8, 2V1G, Roger Wang and Gina Panizales. I have been a fan of The Solianos through the years, but mainly listening to their interpretations of jazz standards and the occasional Malay songs.

Don't get me wrong, I love Gadis Idaman Ku, which was composed brilliantly by Alfonso Soliano. During a night session at No Black Tie, I heard them play Tudung Periuk, followed by Gadis Idaman Ku, and a few songs later Tanah Pusaka. It clicked in me that this is a great concept of an album. For my life, I never could fathom why The Solianos never got an album out.

I dragged Leslie to their next gig and he was sold. Pure talented slogging Malaysian musicians with such a storied family, which has contributed immensely to the very fabric and development of modern Malaysian music culture and legacy. I said this album must be an all Ma…

Country Market Cap As A Measure

It is popularly known that emerging markets as a percentage of total listed market cap in the world was a dismal figure. I don't have the exact number but I believe it was under 30% 10 years ago. That figure has been rising steadily as emerging markets got bigger, and more companies get listed in emerging markets.

Just think, as emerging markets companies grow bigger, and thanks to the last couple of financial crisis, emerging markets have made more inroads into that equation. The other factor is the recycling of petrodollar and massive trade surpluses - much of that went into buying big banks and mining firms.

It is foreseeable within the next 10 years that the BRICs plus another 10 emerging markets should overtake the old guard (US, Europe) in terms of percentage of market cap. It is almost inevitable, they keep spending beyond their means, and the trade surpluses keep going the other way. The main way to pay down their debts is actually via these emerging markets to buy out larg…

GDP and IQ

This is not new, the study on a country's average IQ and how that correlates to GDP growth and/or per capita income. In any study that implies intelligence with citizenship or race - it is bound to be controversial. I think there is some merit to the study, but seriously, you do not need the entire population IQ to be high to be successful. We have to take into consideration how some populous countries have a large rural population (which may not get ready access to education).

Central to the book's thesis is a tabulation of what Lynn and Vanhanen believe to be the average IQs of the world's nations. Rather than do their own IQ studies (a potentially massive project), the authors average and adjust existing studies.For 104 of the 185 nations, no studies were available. In those cases, the authors have used an estimated value by taking averages of the IQs of neighboring or comparable nations. For example, the authors arrived at a figure of 84…