Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Best Char Siew ... The New King Is Crowned

Used to live near Bukit Ceylon and naturally for the past 15 years have had my share of Tengkat Tong Shin's Meng Kee's charsiew (pity about the chicken though). HK surprisingly, does not know how to do great char siew, every time I bring my HK friends there, they have to admit that this is how great char siew should taste.

I have been to their new location a number of times as well when they shifted to Jalan Alor. Now my verdict is in. The best char siew in the world ... is not at Meng Kee Jalan Alor anymore, its at the one run by the daughter and son in law at Glenmarie, called Meng Kee also.

Meng Kee Char Siew

I only went to Glenmarie twice, just to be sure. Its a whole notch better than old Meng Kee. The entire operation is just more enthusiatic. The char siew is a lot more consistent. At the Jalan Alor place, parts of the char siew is uneven, sometimes you can even taste the sugary granule (i.e. the caramelising process not done properly).

The newer place has more stuff, besides steamed chicken, they have roast chicken and the quite delectable yoon cheung (chicken liver I believe). At the newer place I don't even have to specify that I want a more charred and fatty char siew, every bloody strip is like that, unbelievably good.

Meng Kee Char Siew
(from KY eats)

Long live the new King ... I believe the original store owner operator may be getting on, which may result in diminished taste and smell quality control. Sigh ... its still good but its just nowhere as good as the newer place at Glenmarie. I was at Jalan Alor yesterday for lunch, bought the char siew as takeaway, but an unbelievable sight ... it was 12.45pm and the place was only half filled ... it seems people are voting with their legs already.


Rokamawa said...

How about where is the best siew yok? Most say Pudu ...

bonny b said...

Dear fren,
Pls be careful not to eat the burnt tasty ends too often if u dont wanna invite trouble..ie. its a reputed carcinogen. This little advice was given by my late fren who loved burnt char siew. But I must admit, I love the stuff too!!!

maggielurva 愛美姬 said...

i think they have another branch in taman shamelin, cheras.

agree that the old ming kee in tingkat tong shin has dropped in standards but risen in price over the years.

YeeLeng said...

Overall, the char siew & siu cheong (barbeque chinese-style stuffed sausage??) are excellent here~
There's another in Sri Muda. A mix feedback on that, someone says it's better than Meng Kee, some not really a fan of the bigger char siew chunks.

William said...

great 'burned meat' or char siew but portion not generous at all.

geoff said...

best siew yoke is indeed pudu. no contest.

Kingsmen said...

quality has dropped since the 1st couple of months of bizness...most of its stuffs now prepared by foreign workers.....its not the best anymore

ong said...

Hi there,
i would suggested u go to Petaling Street try e Char Siew n hainamese chicken than u will know what called the King Of Roasted.

Best of the best Char Siew i ever try before if you r a gourmet hunter must try than post ur comment.

Located at Jalan Petaling name called Mei Zhou next to the market. Just ask e market people they can guide u or u call e owner @ 0193788663 (Ah Xing).

ong said...

i would say pls if u never try e Char Siew located in Petaling Street name Char Siew King @ no.63 near lee lam thai market or u can go to their new outlet at Tmn Paramount no.63 restaurant Simon Delight open coming friday, than u only will know what called best char siew... trust me!!!

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