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Must Watch: Keeper Of Darkness

Cheung Ka Fai is well on his way to be come a great and powerful actor/director in the lineage of Robert Redford and Ron Howard. His first attempt at acting and directing was the very decent Hungry Ghost Rituals, a bit jagged at times but a commendable effort with good story-telling skills, I'd rate that a 7/10.

In his second movie, Keeper of The Darkness, it not only confirms his place as a director but as one of the top ones. Ghost stories are easy to make but very hard to make it excellent. For one to be good, it has to have a decent storyline, scaring the shit out of people can be easy with silly shock or sound tactics, but its the untold twists and fears that reside in the minds of the audience that really make for a great movie.

Nick Cheung plays an exorcist who should have died when his mother committed suicide during his teens. At his service is an aspiring protege, Chung (Louis Cheung Kai-chung), and a cute journalist, Ling (Sisley Choi Si-pui), although Fatt already has al…

My Tokyo

One of my earliest job was at Nomura Securities in Sydney but I get to travel to Tokyo HQ with clients many times. I know many people have been to Japan, esp Tokyo ... and some are starting to venture into the nicer cities such as Kyoto, Osaka and Sapporo. 

When in Tokyo, we tend to do the usual tourist stuff: Disneyland, Shinjuku, Shibuya ... temples, etc...

Here are a few of my favourite things to do whenever in Tokyo:

1) Sumo Tour: Tokyo Tournament & Chanko Dinner Plan (12,700 yen)
Its an amazing, short, 4 hour tour by JapaniCan. If you love Sumo you would be extra happy, even if you do not, its an amazing way to get in touch and experience it firsthand. 

Sumo tournaments go around the major cities, they rotate and I think there are 6 tournaments, with Tokyo hosting it twice a year. Each time, its about two weeks long, and you just pick a day, hopefully it coincides with your trip.

STEP 1Choose a Date Choose a tour departure date …