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Updates On HK Property Market

Despite concerns over a property bubble in Hong Kong and government efforts to cool the red-hot sector, two Hong Kong tycoons: Cheung Kong Holding’s Li Ka-Shing and Henderson Land’s Lee Shau kee have been snapping up shares in their own firms.

Robert Halili, Managing Director at Asia Insider told CNBC on Wednesday, this insider buying is encouraging news for shareholders and investors looking to bet on the real estate sector.“The one thing I want to point out to investors is that whenever these 2 titans buy at the same time, it is almost like a solar eclipse. It only happens once in a blue moon.” Out of the $2.6 billion dollars invested in property-related stocks over the last 10 weeks, according to Halili, Lee Shau-kee’s purchase of 39 million shares in Henderson Land accounted for $2 billion or 76 percent of the total amount. “Prior to this year, the chairman [of Henderson Land] acquired an average of 8.5 million shares worth $309 million per year from 1993 to 2010,” he …

For Husbands & Wives

The speaker is a renowned marriage counsellor in HK, and he gives funny insights into how marriage breaks up and how to make it better. Its in Cantonese. Though some will say the advice is a bit archaic and chauvinistic, but I think there is a lot of truth in what he says.

I know many husbands will try to get their wives to watch the video immediately.

The Lowdown On Football Jersey Sponsors

It cost millions to sponsor a top club's jersey a year. There is much politics and interesting twists to which company gets which club and how much they paid. Bottom line a jersey sponsorship may only pay for 3 or 4 top players' annual salaries only, but every bit helps I guess.

Following the article is a series of tabulation of the top sponsored jerseys. But first, we can look forward to the jersey for Cardiff City, owned by Vincent Tan. In fact, the club has had to reject many potential advertisers. (So, what's next higher title after Tan Sri for Vincent Tan?). This may look like a joke, but its not. Hold on tight for next season's Cardiff City's jersey .... (I reiterate, this is not a joke!!!):

Hot off the press, Genting is the new sponsor for Aston Villa jersey, Malaysia Booooleehh ... (gee, I cringe whenever I hear that!!!)

Wall Street Journal
By RICHARD GILLISThe biggest deals in football used to be multimillion dollar transfers to land the sport's biggest …

There Is (Really) Wind And Water In My Stocks

I decided to feature this again, because obviously fundamentals analysis and/or technicals charting do not always bring the desired results. Every year we look forward to the CLSA fengshui chart prediction just for a chuckle. But seriously, the masters they employ seem to be getting better and better. I suspect in the early days they hired a few masters to help them come up with the report. Over the years they probably got a better idea of who among those masters were better than the rest.

Seriously, ask any market expert, analyst or strategist in January what their market prediction would be for 2011, I think 99.9999% will never draw the chart as shown above for February and March 2011. I think fengshui is basically 10% OK and 90% crap. I mean seriously, it was meant for divining burial sites ... somehow people get carried away using it to divine for everything else.

However, when it presents tangible results, you could show me a kid throwing dice but has an 80% accuracy using the dic…

World's Strongest Banks by Bloomberg (Or Are They)

Picked up my favourite magazine, Bloomberg Markets, and splashed as one of the top articles was The World's Strongest Banks. The list is all too predictable but this is where STATISTICS LIE. I am not saying the banks weren't great, but they are not as great as the article made them out to be.

I have no questions about the methodology as they looked at the usual Tier 1 capital to risk weighted assets, NPL to total assets, loan loss reserves to non performing assets, deposits to funding and efficiency (costs to revenue).

Singapore banks came in numbers 1, 5 and 6. Canadian banks came in 3, 4, 12, 17 and 19. What's the common denominator - strong property markets. If the Singapore and Canadian property markets were to fall 20%, I can assure you the whole lot would be out of top 20.

The article seems to be pushing for banks to remain traditionally old school banks. Nothing wrong with that. But how can a bank be strong just because other property markets have fallen substantially …

Warren Buffett Is Not Infallible

Why bother writing this? I am a fan of Buffett's investing philosophy and long term returns. However, before anyone starts to deify him, its worth noting that Buffett is very human, fallible like the rest of us. To identify the "oops" by Buffett is not to shame him but to give clarity to him as a person. He is very normal and is open to make mistakes. Not a saintly investor as some might try to opine but a flawed one who is possibly the best investor for the past 50 years.

The Sokol Incident: Sokol basically bought a few million shares of Lubrizol Corp for himself, and shortly after recommended Buffett and Berkshire to buy the company. Berkshire did buy in the end. Initially Buffett insisted that Sokol did nothing wrong, although later a Berkshire committee said the opposite in "a scathing report". Now Buffet is done defending Sokol. During the meeting, he said he should have probed more deeply when Sokol first revealed in January that he owned Lubrizol stock…

The Conquest Of Happiness

Mr. Koon has written on this important topic and I have to agree with him on this. The only quibble I have is that Bertrand Russell is a known atheist - hence his framing of happiness has to be "without God/religion". Still, its a wonderful template that emanates from a massive amount of introspection, trying to find one's place on earth, and leaving it a better place than when we arrive.

The conquest of happiness
WRITTEN BY KOON YEW YIN WEDNESDAY, 03 MARCH 2010 08:04The Perak Academy is a non-profit body which organizes projects and activities involving intellectual discourse, research, writing, fine arts and performing arts.It organizes the popular 'Perak Lectures” series with speakers of national and international standing invited to speak on a variety of topics aimed at stimulating and disseminating intellectual discussion. Below we reproduce a recent talk delivered to the Academy by Mr Koon Yew Yin.The conquest of happinessThe Perak Academy invited me to…

Hey Woman, Why You So Like Dat?

This is obviously dedicated to all women born between 1960-1990 ... with the advent of karaoke, we get to notice the nuanced "strong feelings" every time these fucking songs are played. Believe you me, these 3 songs somehow represent the angst, fear, war cry, deep set feelings of our women folk.

If you don't believe me, next time you go to a pub or karaoke, secretly ask the band or deejay to play these songs, see how the women react!!!

It is within these three songs that we should understand a lot about our women folk, is it just in Malaysia ... noooooooo... go anywhere, play these songs, you get the same reaction (or erection).

Can I try to break down these 3 fucking songs then?

The first female anthem, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, its like an empowerment song. See how the ladies just jump up and start dancing and mouthing the words. Its really good to see, as if they have always have their backs to the wall, everything in society against them from the start ... you nam…