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Hey Woman, Why You So Like Dat?

This is obviously dedicated to all women born between 1960-1990 ... with the advent of karaoke, we get to notice the nuanced "strong feelings" every time these fucking songs are played. Believe you me, these 3 songs somehow represent the angst, fear, war cry, deep set feelings of our women folk.

If you don't believe me, next time you go to a pub or karaoke, secretly ask the band or deejay to play these songs, see how the women react!!!

It is within these three songs that we should understand a lot about our women folk, is it just in Malaysia ... noooooooo... go anywhere, play these songs, you get the same reaction (or erection).

Can I try to break down these 3 fucking songs then?

The first female anthem, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, its like an empowerment song. See how the ladies just jump up and start dancing and mouthing the words. Its really good to see, as if they have always have their backs to the wall, everything in society against them from the start ... you name it: parents favoring sons, having to go through menstruation (when men do not), having to endure the bloody period pains (when men do not, men just try to be a pain in the ass sometimes), having glass ceilings and a men-favouring corporate scene when they start to work, having assholes questioning that to start a family may wreck their career, having to undergo all sorts of discrimination at most levels just because they are women, having a short time span to have children and if they don't they'd be thought of as "incomplete", and before you know it ... its menopause and the fucking hormonal changes.

So, when the ladies jump up and sing this song... guys, "JOIN IN!!!"

This next song will almost get the same reaction from the ladies, because they ALL have loved the assholes cited in the song. In fact, we could be the very assholes they are singing about!!! I HATE MYSELF FOR LOVING YOU, my Gawd, can you sing that in front of your gfs/wife??? But, the girls can!!!! WHY???? Don't ask, just applaud!!!!

This song is dangerous because women REMEMBER EVERY FUCKING "BAD THING" YOU DID TO THEM (OR DIDN'T DO) ... its only with that mentality can you identify with the song so intimately .... be warned guys!!!.

This third song is a doozie. Somehow this song really gets the women going ... I am not sure if the lyrics are clear to them but it involves a lot of "out there body experiences". But somehow, women folk just love it and they really identify themselves with the song. Just grin and bear it guys. To me, the most inventive and deep meaningful lyrics of the song was punctuated by the two words "subtle whoring" .... soooo deep man.

Don't thank me guys for the valuable information! Another little baby step towards understanding this specie that is called women folk.

The wretched emotions underlying all 3 songs are probably sufficient to turn some guys gay! (Just kidding...) ; 0


Dexter Morgan said…
i wonder if there are 3 songs for the guys.
Tangee88 said…
You're spot on! I've one more song to add to the list. Its "I'm Woman" by Helen Reddy. Talk about empowerment- lol
reanaclaire said…
Hello..coming by to visit your nice blog.. women... er..they are mysterious human beings! :p
jeeralang said…
LOL, you articulated song #1 so well!

I disagree on song #3 though. I would nominate (based on getting the girls going at karaoke) "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"!

(Incidentally, I discovered - after being unfortunate enough to have to sing it last night - the lyrics to "Bad Romance". "...vertical stick... in rear window..."? As one person said: that's why it's a BAD romance!
clearwater said…
The man who dares to analyze what makes a woman tick has not married and lived with one, or has deeply buried suicidal tendencies.
lai said…
How about "More than a Women"??

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