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How To Become A Dealer / Sales Trader

Follow up on my posting on how to become an equity analyst, this one refers to the very uncertain, multi definition role of who and what a dealer is. It depends on the securities firm, whether they are players in the institutional business.

Let's start by defining the various dealing roles:

a) remisiers - you basically work for yourself, pass the required papers, put down at least RM50,000 or RM100,000 and you can start getting clients onto your account, you probably get 40-60 sharing on commission though some may even get 30-70, the latter being your share, you must treat this as your own business, so the question is what do you bring to the table, buying a stock from any remisier in town is the same thing, its not like buying fresh fish which may differ in quality from one stall to the other ... if you cannot clarify what your value adds are, then you will be a mediocre remisier, are you prepared to face the challenges where more and more people are trading on their own via the in…

How To Become An Equity Analyst

I get this question all the time from younger folks wanting to get a foot into the financial markets. When we talk about investment banking, we are talking about equity analysts, sales traders and investment banking (corporate finance included) primarily. IB basically are the guys (gals) who meet with company owners listed/private and getting them to do deals which may include listings, corporate exercises such as rights, warrants, bonds, placements and/or M&A deals. Sales traders are the new fangled name for institutional dealers of the past. Sales traders deal with flows from clients, placements and basic buys and sells orders. It can get tricky with switching strategies, reweighting and ability to take on positions on books. I will talk about the IBs and sales traders in later postings.

Today its how to be an equity analyst. The easiest way, well not really easy, is to get a good degree from a good university. The named universities such as the Ivy league, plus the LSE, Oxcam or…

When They Were Young & Not-Yet-Famous


Bruno Mars

Lady Gaga

Snoop Dog

Jennifer Lopez

Kanye West

Avril Lavinge




Bruce Springsteen

Revived 2V1G Beautiful Cafe Tour

Only one playing date per city, already Penang and KL are pretty full. Exceptional guitar work by Malaysia's finest Roger Wang, complemented by dazzling vocals from Winnie Ho and a new surprising member of the trio.  2v = 2 vocals, 1G = 1 guitarist. They have two exceptional albums out already if you haven't heard. There will be a high quality vinyl double album pressing, done in Japan, and will be available to vinyl lovers in a few months. Miss this concert if you dare. 




All shows start at 9pm with cover charge at RM50pp.

Marketocracy Portfolio Updated

Its been more than 3 years since I started my Marketocracy portfolio, so far pretty good considering the 40.98% return since inception. Thus my initial capital of US$1,000,000 has grown to US$1.41m. If you are trying to establish a long term portfolio track record, its not an easy task, there will be periods where your returns will be down because the sectors you have chosen may not be the flavour of the month. Hence the best measure of a long term portfolio is to benchmark against the S&P 500. Since 3 years ago, the fund has beaten the S&P 500 by 12.09%.

Value: $1,409,774.00Cash: -$1,114.35Stock Value: $1,410,888.35Total Shares: 100,000NAV: $14.10Fund Performance for salvadordali's Mutual Fund  January 04, 2013

SymbolLabelPriceSharesValuePortion of FundGainsTodayInception ReturnCurrent ReturnNSRclick me$43.082,500$107,700.007.64%$40,145.57-0.23%59.43%59.43%DetailsTOPSTSIclick me$2.8225,000$70,500.005.00%$75,512.71-2.08%47.51%47.51%DetailsPVSWclick me$9.0313,550$122,356.50

Great Presents To Receive

Its almost a wonder over Christmas, when you hardly ever get the kind of presents that you really like. Too often we needed to buy for too many people, so not much thought goes into it. Came across a few that would certainly sparkle my day if I got them as presents ... anytime.

WHISKEY STONES - No, not the stones you get in your kidneys from over drinking. You can even get them now in Malaysia. Don't try to be a cheapskate and just wash some pebbles from your backyard. These are special stones from a special material. Brilliant to keep whiskey cold without diluting it. On that note, we always wonder if you should drink single malts neat or with water/soda. Neat is pretty good if you can take the strength, but its perfectly OK to have some water, I mean just a little, like the size of a shot of whiskey, not too much. Putting in a little water actually allows the aromas to come out a lot more than drinking it pure neat. Too much water (like at wedding dinners or too much soda), then …

The Future of You

A good friend sent this to me ... ha-ha ... reading it made him think of me ... lol. I can safely say, much of my positive results in business, social contacts, influence, jobs/projects, discovering great friends and invaluable assistance, even improving my love life ... have been largely due to my blog over the last 6 years. Very nice to see (parts of it) being viewed from a scholarly perspective. ... And the funny thing is I don't even like to network or socialise much ... I would have been much richer monetary wise if I was a great ass-kisser, but what the heck!

HBR Blog Network The Future of You by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic  |   9:00 AM January 1, 2013