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Maybe Only In Japan

CEOs who behave with integrity and share the burden of their employees, a collective kind of leader ... and he is not even an owner. Only in Japan.


Ciki said…
Yes, only in Japan. The people there take pride in their work, even if he or she is just a cleaner, they make sure their work is top-notch. Being in Tokyo, it's incredible, even the guy behind the train station counter take great pride in his job, going out of his way to help even when he can't speak much English and I speak only little Japanese.

I recall once a -apa nama - PM of ours wanted the country to emulate the Japanese. Yeah, right. Didn't know the Japanese was into cronyism and corruption. Honestly, whatever it is, Malaysians just don't have the will. Malaysians have big egos. And that almost always never works well with anything. Instead of the Look East Policy, he should have gone and implemented Look At Ourselves Policy.

Go into a store in Malaysia. What do you get? Most likely the salesgirl scanning you up and down to see if you are worth serving. In Japan, not so. Even if you ask them where the toilet is, they are happy to help you and guide you there even when they see you're still struggling to look for it. This is no bull. Just personal experiences.

Yes, Dali. Only in Japan.
FS Leong said…
Indeed, look at Japan when they were hit by disaster there were no riot, theft, disturbance and everything was in order. Queuing for food distribution, lining up and taking turn politely...... cannot imagine the same thing happening in other countries

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