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The Bike I Want!

Finally, the bike I want is on the road ... the Tron bike and almost all electric. Looks to be a bit hard to ride, but hey, gaya mesti ada ...

Old Movies, Great Songs

Its not often you get great songs written for the movie, and its magical when the two become intertwined. Was browsing through the internet and came across an old movie that brought back such wonderful memories. It used to be that to be able to go on a movie date with the opposite sex is a "major thing". Plus, we have to wait for the right movie some more.

The first one is Ice Castles, ask any auntie over 35, they will remember who Robby Benson is, a bit like Leonardo de Caprio and Justin Timberlake put together.  The final sequence where Lynn Holly Johnson dances to the Love Theme From Ice Castles (she accidentally got blinded prior to her competition).

... and we also had Melissa Manchester singing the theme song beautifully for that movie, composed lovingly by Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer Sager.

The second movie that always stayed with me was The Boy In The Plastic Bubble, starring a very young John Travolta. Based on the true story of Tod Lubich who must stay in a bubbl…

Robert Kuok 对话华商领袖郭鹤年

Unfortunately this very recent very long interview, almost biographical documentary of his life and views, is in Mandarin only. What a great man. I don't say this lightly, I do not worship rich people, it is ten times more important how they obtained, nurture and spend their wealth ... and how they lead their lives.

Best Place For Coffee, Best Place To Get Macaroons (Cross My Heart)

I have been hesitating to blog about this place for months because its a tiny place and I am very afraid that if more people find out, their macaroons will run out quickly. But, they are too good not to share. The best place for coffee for me in KL also happens to be the best place to get macaroons. I have had so many macaroons that are supposedly "good" but rate only a passable 5 to a tepid 6 out of 10. This place gets a 9.5/10 on their macaroons.

I cannot reveal my favourite flavour as then they would be the first to vanish next time I am there. But they all range from good to very good anyway, although my favourite flavour is another class above the rest. So you have to go and try every flavour, and tell me your favourite.

The place is cleverly called WHISK @ Empire in Subang Jaya. Their coffee is easily leaps and bounds above the fray. I usually drink very good coffee Americano style, and as I also have a very credible Nespresso at home, it takes something special to top t…

Very Good Proposal By Bank Negara

There is apparently a proposal by Bank Negara to change the way mortgages are calculated, which will greatly reduce the amount the public can borrow. The computation is supposed to be based on net income and not gross. That could reduce the amount that can be borrowed by 37%.

I think its an excellent idea. The only people who think this is bollocks are those with 2 properties or more. The affordability ratio has gone through the roof. Some may argue that a hike in real property gains tax would be a better move - I think not as it takes more than lesser profits to calm the property markets.

Property rides on expectations. If everyone expects prices to rise in the foreseeable future, its get in now or forever they will be out of your reach. That is the dangerous potion brewing in Malaysia and many Asian property markets. That kind of expectation has be neutered.

When you take things too high, the fall be greater, remember 1993-1997, the swath of liquidity just kept getting bigger and bigge…

There is no war that is justifiable, no matter how noble the cause .....

The great things about these talent shows is that sometimes we discover something that is greater than life. Emmanuel Kelly, a victim of chemical warfare survivor from Iraq, doesn't know how old he is but has managed to become a wonderful singer. Emmanuel Kelly's mom worked alongside Mother Teresa. She dedicates her life helping disabled children. She was nominated Australian of the Year twice!

Emmanuel, the adopted son of Children First Foundation boss Moira Kelly, wowed Ronan Keating, Spice Girl Mel Brown, Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Guy Sebastian with his heartfelt performance of the John Lennon classic Imagine.

Emmanuel and his brother Ahmed were adopted from Iraq, both suffering limb deficiencies as a result of chemical warfare. They were abandoned at an orphanage and rescued by Ms Kelly, who is also the guardian of the once-conjoined Bangladeshi twins, Krishna and Trishna.

Is there anyone more worthy to sing Imagine? ... Yes, this just makes everything you worry about alm…

14 M'sian Firms on Forbes Asia's 'Best Under a Billion' List

SINGAPORE (Sept 1, 2011): Fourteen Malaysian companies have made it to Forbes Asia's "Best Under a Billion" list this year, topping other Southeast Asian countries with the most number of companies on the list. Among the Bursa-listed countries in the list are glove makers Top Glove Corp Bhd, Hartalega Holdings Bhd and Latexx Partners Bhd, and education groups HELP International Corp Bhd and Masterskill Education Group Bhd, and engineering and infrastructure-based KKB Engineering Bhd, Mudajaya Group Bhd and Coastal Contracts Bhd. Among Southeast Asian countries, Vietnam makes the biggest jump with 10 companies, nine more than last year, that include PetroVietnam Low Pressure Gas Distribution and DHG Pharmaceutical while Singapore has six companies on the list, Thailand (five), Indonesia (three) and The Philippines (two). In the Asia Pacific, Malaysia was ranked fifth with the most number of companies on the list of 200 companies. The list ranks public companies with annual r…


When I watched this MV, I am filled with high hopes again that things will be changing. I am so pleased to see  the fervour heartfelt messages. I sense the youth of today are no longer sitting ducks, just waiting to take whatever that is dished out to them. Make a change, its only your life.

Remember to register to vote. If you are one already, get your friends and family to do likewise.

Have you registered as a voter? If you have, promise yourself and for your children's sake, to at least convince ONE more person you know to register and vote. Between 2008 and 2009, there were 10 million registered voters in the country and another 4.3 million eligible voters who were not registered. This  year, the total number of registered voters increased to 12 million and eligible unregistered voters dropped to 3.7 million.
"Blaming the loss of the elections on gerrymandering, fraud, phantom voters, postal votes, and so on, is one issue. No doubt all this exists and Pakatan Rakyat needs to…

If You Have Not Heard Of Los Indios Tabajaras ...

If you have not heard of Los Indios Tabjaras, you have not lived. They were extremely popular in the 30s-60s. You will still find them in their head dress and tribal costumes on many covers. That was a marketing gimmick more than anything as the Brazilian brothers were accomplished classical guitarists in their own right.

Their biggest hit was Maria Elena, a Mexican folk tune. What makes the brothers unique is that their sound is pure, uncomplicated and resonating. 

Have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and drift away...