Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Old Movies, Great Songs

Its not often you get great songs written for the movie, and its magical when the two become intertwined. Was browsing through the internet and came across an old movie that brought back such wonderful memories. It used to be that to be able to go on a movie date with the opposite sex is a "major thing". Plus, we have to wait for the right movie some more.

The first one is Ice Castles, ask any auntie over 35, they will remember who Robby Benson is, a bit like Leonardo de Caprio and Justin Timberlake put together.  The final sequence where Lynn Holly Johnson dances to the Love Theme From Ice Castles (she accidentally got blinded prior to her competition).

... and we also had Melissa Manchester singing the theme song beautifully for that movie, composed lovingly by Marvin Hamlisch and Carole Bayer Sager.

The second movie that always stayed with me was The Boy In The Plastic Bubble, starring a very young John Travolta. Based on the true story of Tod Lubich who must stay in a bubble as he has a deficient immune system. Its a wonderful love story of strength, character, determination ... in the end he walked out of the bubble not knowing whether his immune system is sufficient to face the living world, but he chose to live and love rather than be in the bubble. The final scene where he walked out to meet his girl. The song then was sung by Paul Williams in the final sequence ... but John Travolta's version was done at the credits.

The theme song, wonderfully sung by John Travolta, way before SNF and Grease ... What Would They Say, beautifully composed by Paul Williams.

The final one, which is secretly everybody's favourite movie of all time if they really cared to admit it, Somewhere In Time. Way before Back To The Future came on board, we had time travel romance. Jane Seymour, everlasting beauty and Chris Reeve,  what a story, there's a sense of completeness.

The film score was famous because  it ties in brilliantly with the period movie and languid scenery. I don't think lyrics was composed for the theme song at the time of the release of the movie. Naturally you will find a few versions with lyrics to them. Funny.  There was one sung by Nonoy Zuniga, a famous Filipino singer, his version is better than Michael Crawford.


Erin Hunny said...

What a pleasant surprise when I browsed your page this morning. Thanks for sharing the theme song of my all-time fav movie, Somewhere In Time.

walla said...

Thanks. You're a sophisticated and intelligent person with discerning tastes.

dreambake said...

Lynn-Holly Johnson and Robby Benson gives sensational performance as an aspiring Olympic skating star and her boyfriend magnet. Ice Castles is an excellent film, very romantic, touching and moving. It's a love story that ultimately tests the limits of true love. Music is also good, especially "through the eyes of love", which is the song that plays on the opening credits.

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