Robert Kuok 对话华商领袖郭鹤年

Unfortunately this very recent very long interview, almost biographical documentary of his life and views, is in Mandarin only. What a great man. I don't say this lightly, I do not worship rich people, it is ten times more important how they obtained, nurture and spend their wealth ... and how they lead their lives.


walla said…
Observer said…
That's why he is still the numero uno in Forbes Asia/Msia richest man - a humble, filial & frugal man who knows it is the people around him who contribute to his success
(and I do hope he stays on to impart good biz principle, ah, but at last, age is catching up).
Unlike some of the big headed, egoistic, scum bag who is in the list (mostly cronies of the current douche govt).

I like it when in the interview, he says there were those that were richer than him in the industry. However, because they use dirty tactics to achieve them, now they are gone - nowhere to be seen.
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Ivan said…
Thanks dude for the great posting. Is a MUST to published in school. ..
Buyer said…
HI S.Dali,

Thanks for posting this!

Malaysian chinese should proud of him...I am also one of the poor ppl that benefited from his Kuok foundation scholar...Great guy.


Daryl said…
smooth one hour video, save the trouble of loading every 3 min..
roy said…
Dali, here is the full video in one.

But he is not appreciated by the power that be.
Monday, 12 September 2011 09:58

Najib, Robert Kuok and the Chinese PM
ronnie said…
It appears that his nephew, Mr Kuok Khoon Hong, the CEO of Wilmar International is his successor.
Super Saiyan 3 said…
At that time, chinese government had no money no sugar. Everybody else would have said "no money how to buy sugar oh?" But Kuok has an outstanding soul and intelligent mind.

He "long" sugar (perhaps its a longer period contract) and use the profit to pay for the sugar.

Amazing! Not cin cai pro!
Kamala Kusar said…
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