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Best Place For Coffee, Best Place To Get Macaroons (Cross My Heart)

I have been hesitating to blog about this place for months because its a tiny place and I am very afraid that if more people find out, their macaroons will run out quickly. But, they are too good not to share. The best place for coffee for me in KL also happens to be the best place to get macaroons. I have had so many macaroons that are supposedly "good" but rate only a passable 5 to a tepid 6 out of 10. This place gets a 9.5/10 on their macaroons.

I cannot reveal my favourite flavour as then they would be the first to vanish next time I am there. But they all range from good to very good anyway, although my favourite flavour is another class above the rest. So you have to go and try every flavour, and tell me your favourite.

The place is cleverly called WHISK @ Empire in Subang Jaya. Their coffee is easily leaps and bounds above the fray. I usually drink very good coffee Americano style, and as I also have a very credible Nespresso at home, it takes something special to top that coffee range. The coffee at WHISK is so good because they make it painstakingly correct. Plus they use the "right milk" (go find out why), and they care enough to whisk the milk to a certain "correct consistency". Its so good I always get Flat White or Cap, no need for any sugar, believe me, its got that slight milky sweetness to balance out the excellent coffee.

They have other delectable pastries and cakes as well ....

The place is cleverly named, cleverly designed, and you will have to tip ... cause they are so smart ... look at the photo below for the tips jars. Either you are a die hard Red Devil fan, or you are a die hard "anything but Red Devil" fan ... either way, you have to tip!!! Sooo ... smart and clever.

When you wanna relax, grab a book or a magazine, get a nice cuppa and a few macaroons for a lovely time ... and let your gf or wife go shopping or do their hair.


Jimmy Tham said…
=P the outcome of the coffee pretty much depends on the barista, if possible, opt for the evening's barista.

for coffee and coffee alone, give RAW Coffee a try @ Wisma Equity
solomon said…
U forgot to mention their Horlick ice cream...And their carrot cake. This is for breakfast and tea break.

Walk over to subang parade MBO for show, then end up with a good Chinese fine dining at Empire again??

Last went out for a Cigar watching the Moon with the breezing wind......
David King said…
talking about Macaroons.... i know of this little cafe in One Utama, called Molten Lava. They serve very very good macaroons...yummy. you would probably give it a 9.99 rating. The peanut butter macs...heavenly.. Its located at the new wing of One Utama, opposite Daisho.. They also have Churos...reminds me of Disneyland..
Give it a try..

David King
C|arA GrAce said…
I think S.Dali meant "Macarons" (one 'o'), which are what's shown in the photos. Macaroons are smaller sized and made from coconut and are different from Macarons.
zorro said…
Can smoke my pipe in whisk....macaroon & good tobacco always a good combination.

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