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Irene Fernandez

It takes a generous heart and tons of passion laced with compassion to do what Irene Fernandez did. Who did she did all these for? The normal Malaysians going about their daily lives probably not even realising the sacrifice and deeds of Irene. She did it for the country, the oppressed, the marginalised. She also did it for future Malaysians, the young ones, that the road they shall travel will be 'smoother' and less prejudiced. It is with people like Irene that we live in hope, for a better tomorrow, that the world is not as callous. A true Malaysian. As we the general public benefited knowingly or unknowingly, we must salute those left behind more than a legacy.

Wikipedia:  Irene Fernandez (1946-2014) is a Malaysian human rights activist. She is a PKR supreme council member [1] and the director and co-founder of the non-governmental organization Tenaganita, which promotes the rights of migrant workers and other oppressed and poor people in Malaysia.

In 1995, Irene Fernandez pu…

MSNBC Rightly Blasts CNN & Fox News

Well Fox News is not even news, its more like propaganda really, ... just consider Murdoch's speculative tweets, that tells you a lot about the way he runs his papers and media empire .... but CNN as well?? ... its going down the tubes, c'mon KL is not part of Indonesia. If you are not sure, CNN should not be sending you to cover Asia. If I do not know the difference between the Balkans and the Baltics ... would CNN send me to cover Eastern Europe???


Of course the lack of information regarding the flight hasn’t stopped outlets like CNN and Fox News from spending an inordinate amount of time reporting on the tragedy. It is disaster porn in the form of conspiracy theories. Rather than focusing on closure for grieving families, the search has taken on Hollywood-like proportions.

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes has had enough. Watch as he calls out CNN and Fox News for using “boogeyman” scare tactics:

Get Your Next Financial Crisis Here ......

Easily the best analytical piece of writing on China's economic problems I have come across. Its long but fun to read and contains a lot of investing nuggets. All you need to know about the next financial crisis, when ... it has already started, newsflow out of HK has it that Chinese mainland owners are busy selling their properties in HK (as they are most liquid), the squeeze is already beginning in China.

A Front-Row Seat
By Worth Wray

Before I teamed up with John last July, I worked as the portfolio strategist for an $18 billion money manager in Houston, TX that, among its other businesses, co-managed (with an elite team of investors from the university endowment world) one of the largest registered funds of funds in the United States.

For a bright-eyed kid from South Louisiana, it was a life-changing experience. I had a front-row seat for every investment decision in a multi-billion-dollar portfolio for almost five years; and along with my coll…

Tassie Single Malt Wins World's Best Title

Tasmanian distillery Sullivan's Cove has been named the world's best single malt whisky at the World Whiskies Award held on Thursday night in London. Sullivan's Cove's French Oak Cask variety was judged the global winner, as well as Australia's best, from a high-quality pool of single malt entries. They included Scotland's Bunnahabain, Aberfeldy, Glenkinchie and Glenlivet distilleries, as well as Japanese powerhouse Yamazaki. The World Whiskies Award is considered the most prestigious in the world for whisky producers and the manager and part-owner of Sullivan's Cove, Patrick Maguire, said it would put Australia and Tasmania firmly on the world whisky map.
"It's the big one, there are a few big ones in the world such as the Jim Murray Whisky Bible and Liquid Gold awards, but the World Whiskies Award is it, that's the one everybody wants," Maguire said.
Advertisement "We've won Australia's best, Australasia's best and southern h…

Japanese Single Malts Taking Over The World

From Bloomberg:

My first sip of a great Japanese single-malt whisky was back in 2004, when the 18-year-old Yamazaki was first introduced into the U.S. I found its suave smoothness and elegance as sleek as a new Lexus. It had the familiar spicy, caramel-and-honey notes of a luxury single malt from Scotland but with its own exotic appeal from partial aging in Japanese mizunara oak. 

Since then, Japan has been quietly scooping up gold medals at world whisky competitions, and in 2012, the 25-year-old Yamazaki beat out 300 of the world’s single malts in an international blind tasting. Now, Bloomberg Pursuits will report in its Spring 2014 issue, Japanese whisky seems to have reached a tipping point. Half a dozen additional brands have entered the U.S.; an all-Japanese-whisky bar, Mizuwari, has opened in London; and prices of rare bottles have skyrocketed at recent Hong Kong auctions. 

The quest to make world-class whisky in Japan began in 1918, when chemist Masataka Taketsuru journey…

Browser War Almost Over ....

How important is the browser, a techie will be able to tell you more I think. That is a foothold for dominance of the internet audience. The browser war has escalated over the past 5 years and it is so easy to see who is winning. The first section captures data for visitor to my site and the browser they use. Over the last 7 years, Internet Explorer still has a small lead cumulatively at 31% followed by Chrome with 25%, Firefox with 21% and Safari 15%.

What is more interesting is to capture the same data for the month of March 2014 alone in the second section.

Mozilla's (Firefox)  income mostly comes from Google- every time someone searches Google using Firefox's search box, they give Mozilla a portion of the ad revenue. That accounts for over 90% of Mozilla's revenue, with the rest being donations (the Mozilla foundation is a registered non-profit). I don't know about Opera.

As far as Chrome on the iPhone, it really wouldn't make a difference. Chrome and Safar…