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Jeffrey Cheah, Pusing-boy Masterstroke!!!

Malaysian Insider: Sunway is expected to have potential market capitalisation of over RM3.5 billion, revenue of over RM3.3 billion and assets of over RM8 billion said Cheah. This comes as UEM Land and Sunrise have proposed to merge and IJM Land and MRCB have signed an MOU to explore a merge. The Sunway founder said that the merger was due to right market conditions and the need for size rather than as a response to the latest industry developments.

“I am not fearful of being taken over,” he said. “The size of the new company makes a difference rather than 2 separate entities. Size brings us opportunities. We will have access to larger markets and the ability to bid for projects with higher value, particularly in international markets," said Cheah.
He added that the larger merged entity should boost the company’s profile.“We aspire and now with this merger, we are well-positioned to become a truly Asian brand, through one name and one identity,” he said.Cheah and his daughter, Saren…

Zyan, Malaysia's First Chinese Bossa Princess n The Production Team

This is a video highlighting all the critical members of ZYan's upcoming Brasileiro ~ Bossanova Chinese album. Leslie Loh being the producer and owner of the amazing pop pop music label. There is Tay Cher Siang, the leader of the brilliant jazz unit WVC and the piano man behind JZ8. Then there is arguably the most talented arranger and saxaphonist in Salvador Guerzo, better known as Ador, and very much part of the Soliano family clan. Then there is Xiong, a great performer of Spanish music, an expert in bossanova and regular performer at No Black Tie. Lastly there is Stefano Chen, who is also a respected classical tenor in his own right, and will be a featured performer in one of YTL's upcoming major musical event. and... of course the lovely Zyan.

Up Or Down?

After weeks of positive sentiment across all equity markets, Friday saw a pullback. Let's be fair, you cannot be all running at the same time and see no pullback. But its interesting to see what the media and experts say were the reasons for the pullback.

a) China was making news all week, and on Friday the Shanghai Composite rattled world markets with a sudden 5% drop on inflation fears and the threat of tightening by the government. Is this a surprise? Of course not. What is more important is sentiment is still good and the pullback is just a breather. When you run for sometime, you have to pullback even if there were no bad news.

b) US municipal bonds took a huge hit and could be flashing danger signals for further problems to come. Muni prices have plunged as concerns about municipal debt and default continue to grow. So far this has been a back burner issue as everyone has assumed that the Federal government would bail out the states and municipalities, but with QE2 and a new…

Zyan, Malaysia's First Chinese Bossa Princess

Well, Leslie Loh has done it again, the thankless task of discovering great talents and shaping their music in audiophile recording. Constantly pushing the boundaries. She is Zyan and tackling Chinese classics in the soothing bossa style is something I welcome and is sorely lacking in the market. The album should be out by end of the month. Don't forget the 2V1G gig at NBT, and I think Zyan will be the surprise guest performer. See you there!!!

we don't do it very often but once we do it, it is a special occasion.

2v1g is back to NBT for only the 2nd time since its inception in 2008!

besides playjng a vastly new repertoire, the presentation format will be totally different (it is not just singing and light bantering like a normal gig).

add another very special guest to it, you would have a show that promises to take your breath away.

dates: 30th november and 1st december 2010
time: 9:30pm - 12:30am
presentation: 2 sets of 45-minute each, 15-minute interval
cover charge: RM40
NBT reserv…

A Foretaste Of The Solianos' Album

This is a truncated live version (normal should be 3.5 minutes with great jazzy piano improv) of The Solianos' rendition of the classic Tudung Periuk recently at No Black Tie. It was after hearing them do this number that I thought they should do an album, thus introducing Leslie Loh of pop pop music label to them.

If I can describe them, they are Malaysia's equivalent to The Manhatten Transfer. Wallah, the recording is almost complete. Hope it can be out by December.

Marketocracy Portfolio As At 9 November 2010

recent returns vs. major indexes BeatingTodayMTDQTDYTDSMF0.13%6.88%9.80%13.51%S&P 500-0.10%3.44%7.37%11.55%DOW-0.19%2.59%5.74%9.39%Nasdaq0.01%2.90%8.93%13.70%
recent returns RETURNSLast Week6.68% Last Month6.47% Last 3 Months13.65% Last 6 Months7.31% Last 12 Months23.98% Last 2 Years105.75% Last 3 YearsN/A Last 5 YearsN/A Since Inception43.38% (Annualized)17.02% S&P500 RETURNSLast Week3.34% Last Month5.10% Last 3 Months9.67% Last 6 Months5.42% Last 12 Months16.72% Last 2 Years37.54% Last 3 YearsN/A Last 5 YearsN/A Since Inception2.57% (Annualized)1.11% RETURNS VS S&P500

Rumer Has It

Musically, this has to be my best discovery for maybe 10 or 20 years. Remember the spine tingling when you first heard Norah Jones, this is even better because this made me Buddhist for a while, its like Karen Carpenter reincarnated, refreshed and rejuvenated. I loved Karen Carpenter, yes the songs were wonderful but its her voice, she can sing anything. Her voice is so masculine yet feminine as the same time. It has a sad undertone ... now I think we have found someone who sings quite a bit like her, but thankfully very much her own self as well.

Rumer, her real name being Sarah Joyce, a UK singer songwriter, and needlessly pretty as well. She is divine.

Deepavali Greetings

So You Think Sold For A$60m

Tan Chin Nam and Tunku Ahmad Yahya came out way in front even though they did not win the Cup. Anyways, they would have had to share a paltry A$3.8m. Now they get to divvy up A$60m. Considering the horse only cost A$83,500 plus they great prizemoney it has won so far.

So You Think has almost certainly run his final race in this country after confirmation yesterday that global racing and breeding giant Coolmore Stud had purchased a majority share in the four-year-old that has valued him at an estimated $60 million. It makes So You Think comfortably Australia's most expensive racehorse.Last Tuesday's Melbourne Cup favourite and third placegetter is expected to be sent to Ireland in the coming weeks to be prepared for a northern hemisphere campaign by Aidan O'Brien.Tom Magnier, the racing and business manager of Coolmore Australia, said yesterday that there remained some details to sort through with the horse's owners but that it was likely So You Think would be raced in p…

Melbourne Cup and Malaysians

As I did my tertiary studies in Sydney and lived there for nearly 10 years, the Melbourne Cup still fascinates me. Even non punters will get into the merriment all over the country. Its infectious. Its easily the biggest horse race in the world judging from the history, the colour, the celebration and fame that come with it.

Its always run on the first Tuesday of November, and throughout Australia, everything literally stop for those two hours. Too much drinking, there will be the usual office sweeps (people will put in a dollar or ten and each will get to pick a horse from a hat, winner takes all).

The actual prize money of the Cup is also enticing. Its now worth A$6m, with the winner getting A$3.6m, even the second horse gets A$900,000, the third gets A$450,000 and so on. Even those who finish 6th-10th will get A$125,000 each.

The race is not regarded as a true Group 1 classic because its a handicap race. True Group races runs at set weights or weight for age. In a handicap, the bette…