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When Cartoons Make More Sense

Here is all you need to know about present day economics. The truth and logic are laid bare. We will laugh but beneath the laughter is the stupidity of it all.


Polite Market said…
Nice video. Clearly explained.
Marco said…
Hope the quantitative easing will not create huge negative impact to Malaysia.
Christy said…
It may be lop-sided to push everything to Goldman Sach. I think another major purpose of the QE2 is to drive the US $ further down since China is unwilling to revalue its currency. What other choice does US have? ahha.
hishamh said…
A rebuttal from Econbrowser:

...and if you prefer the xtranormal version:

I have my own beefs with this type of explanation, starting with the argument that QE1 didn't achieve anything.

There's a lot of misunderstandings about QE and its effects, and simplistic views as presented by this video don't help to educate the public.
Wen Hua said…
The video sounds like a political drive rather than an explanation on QE.

I found this:

Very simple English.

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