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Yesterday - Movie Review

You want the movie to succeed. After all its The Beatles. After all, we have Boyle and Curtis helming it. Well, it seems like talented musicians/performers' biopics are the way to go. It is getting a genre of their own. 

We had Queen, soon to be followed by Rocketman (Elton John), Blinded By The Light (Bruce Springsteen), Janis (Janis Joplin), Judy (Judy Garland) ... see a trend here. 

However, Yesterday was not really about The Beatles, it was asking the question what if The Beatles never existed. A brilliant coffee shop topic.

The movie's premise was simple enough. What if you are the only person who knows about The Beatles and you are an OK battling singer-songwriter. The concept was strong enough. You can cram all the jokes in over what would not exist without The Beatles: Oasis was a, but some other things I am not so sure.

I think the writers had a big problem with how to end the story. It was a bit forced and left many questions unanswered.

The nice twist was that…

Why We Need To Whack Goldman Sachs For Every Sen

Unlike my PM Mahathir, I am not anti-Jew. Alll I am interested in is the way they colluded with people in power to screw the rest of the Malaysian public. Let me know if ANY OF THE WORDS I USED ARE NOT TRUE!!!!  I will gladly apologise.

There is a big difference if I can cosy up to Gadaffi .... or I can cosy up to Merkel. There will be a world of difference in terms of the things I can do, the things I can get done, and the things I can say "I got this, don't bother me".

Now, we know the magnitude of the calamity from 1MDB, without Goldman Sachs help, where would we be???!!

My PM Mahathir said, Goldman Offered US$241 Million to Settle 1MDB,.... 

Harrooo, slap me in the face and kill my entire village please... same effect. Why I wrote this article, its the audacity of offering USD241m... its like raping someone and offering 20 sen... go and play in the canteen, don't tell your parents. THE OFFER is mockingly so, it assumes that the Malaysian public and government are idi…

How Will The Next Correction/Crash/Crisis Look Like For Equity Markets

We can use the mantra that history is the best teacher... but we, rather, we the investors never learn. How long does it take to forget the important lessons of frugality, savings, discipline ... about 10 years it seems.

October 1987  The Dow had the famous one day 20% decline. Naturally, all markets were hit but Malaysia had our own bombs to deal with - the Pan El crisis. For the next few years, graduates were getting between RM400-600 a month for accounting jobs. Not even enough to pay rent. 

Of course, we need to decipher as all correction or crisis was brought on by an incident or event. It is usually not the sole incident or event's fault. A major correction can only be triggered by an incident or event when the market's way overvalued. If the markets aren't overvalued, the event or incident would have a muted impact.

Such as the failed leveraged buyout of United Airlines in October 1989. Or the July 1990 invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. These generally do not count as major …