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Thought For The Day

Ludwig Heinrich Edler von Mises (German: [ˈluːtvɪç fɔn ˈmiːzəs]; 29 September 1881 – 10 October 1973) was a philosopher, Austrian School economist, sociologist, and classical liberal. He became a prominent figure in the Austrian School of economic thought and is best known for his work on praxeology, a study of human choice and action. Fearing a Nazi takeover of Switzerland, where he was living at the time, Mises immigrated to the United States in 1940. Mises' thought has exerted significant influence on the libertarian movement in the United States in the mid-20th century.

How Tony Roma Won The Battle

I really thought that Tony Roma would fail by turning halal to come to Malaysia. If you talk of baby back ribs, nothing beats pork ribs. Well, sometimes its useful to trash what you know best in a new situation. Tony Roma was brave to do what they did and came through with flying colours. I mean, I still won't patronise the Malaysian outlets because I know pork ribs is the best there is, still there is sufficient critical mass for Tony Roma halal to succeed in Malaysia and would be a blueprint for them to expand to other Muslim majority countries.

Business Insider:

Tony Roma’s and baby back ribs are pretty much synonymous. Sure, it’s got steaks and barbeque chicken and seafood on its menu, but it’s the pork ribs that made the barbeque establishment so famous.

So how did this American steakhouse restaurant, owned by Dallas-based Romacorp, manage to become so popular with Malaysia’s Muslim-majority population?

If you thought it involved cutting pork from its menu, you’re half right.


Thought For The Day

Visual Delights @ Opera House

Somebody at Opera House got a new toy and can't stop playing with it ...

Why We Lost The Thomas Cup To Japan

Queen Forever

Queen is my all time numero uno band. There have been many pretenders to take over Freddie Mercury. The fans do not need someone to sound exactly like him but rather take what Freddie Mercury represents and collectively make the Queen sound again. You can never mistake a Queen sounding record, it has more to do with Brian May's guitar works, Roger Taylor's drumming and John Deacon's bass lines. Even though Deacon won't be joining the tour, the sound stays quite intact.

I must say from the videos, Adam Lambert is probably a fantastic fit for Queen, his theatrical presentation, flamboyance, solid vocal skills ... seems just about right to be fronting Queen. I guess I might have to start booking for a trip to OZ land in August, I mean Brian May and Roger Taylor are in their 60s already. Come to think of it, there are not many bands/artistes whose songs I can recite by heart (and I mean nearly all of them).

Like our own INXS, iconic English stadium rock band Queen spent many…

Louis Van Gaal ... Good Choice

Its a good choice, I'd still be preferring Martin O'Neill but Louis has the credentials I guess. I like the fact that the board moved fast to secure him before the World Cup, so he can start selling and buying. We need to sell at least 3-4 players. Well I guess, Red Devils will have another reason to root for Holland in the upcoming World Cup! Vidic has indicated he is going already. We need to sell Ferdinand, Valencia, Nani,... 

The Dutchman, who has won titles with Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and AZ Alkmaar, will take charge at Old Trafford after leading the Netherlands at this summer's World Cup in Brazil. "This club has big ambitions; I too have big ambitions," he said. "Together I'm sure we will make history." He added: "It was always a wish for me to work in the Premier League. "To work as a manager for Manchester United, the biggest club in the world, makes me very proud. "I have managed in games at Old Trafford before and know w…

The Thicker The Tax Code, The Worse Things Get

We do not begrudge this issue much in Asia because the bulk of our tax codes are relatively simple, straight forward and with minimal rebates. We all should be very thankful for that. A number of developed countries have developed the tax code into an art form, creating legislation that evolves and multiply, so much so that they created a substantial new sub-industry in tax accounting, tax advice and compliance. 

These huge tax codes and legislations were mainly aimed at trying to better balance the avenues you get taxes from, to encourage spending and investment in certain areas, and to advance the social equality platform for various disadvantaged groups. ... And people, that is the crux of the problem, YOU DON'T USE THE TAX CODE to do the social accounting disbursements. or even to encourage various investments via tax advantageous legislations. You do that separately!!!

Why ....first if you put in a simplified code, say first for personal taxes ... RM20,000 tax free - that is a …

LedZep .. Was There Any Other

To like Led Zep before, you kinda needed to be a rebel ... yes, at times some of the sounds of rock are frivolous three chords of nothingness but screaming. LedZep's music is pure genius. It stands the test of time. Listen to OMG Heart doing a respectful rendition of Stairway To Heaven. In retrospect, the flow of the song can now be considered as pure genius, there's thing much more you could add to it, can you. You can redo the song years from now and I don't think you could top the original arrangement and execution. To be able to think a great song through and through, execute it well, building up the crescendos, the guitar solos, the drums, oh the drums, and harmonising the screeching vocals at the end ... ecstasy!

Watch the whole tribute show cause The Foo Fighters and Lenny Kravitz were amazing too.

Beijing Turning On The Screws On Gaming In Macau

I must say the new guy President Xi looks calm on the outside but he gets things done. The clampdown on sex trade in certain cities in southern China, the arrests of many provincial leaders on corruption, and now this in gaming, of which too much hot money and/or illicit money are being funneled into Macau.
Bloomberg:  Luck is running out for the high rollers of Hong Kong’s stock market.

After rallying an average 217 percent in the last two years, shares of the six-biggest listed Macau casino operators have tumbled 20 percent in 2014. The retreat, paced by MGM China Holdings Ltd. (2282) and billionaire Lui Che Woo’s Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd. (27), is three times deeper than that of the Hang Seng Index, erasing $35 billion of market value.

Speculation that China will crack down on illegal fund transfers and tighten visa rules has rattled investors after mainland tourists bypassing currency controls fueled a decade-long boom in Macau gambli…